Who is the highest paid employee at Le Moyne?

President Linda LeMura is the highest paid employee at Le Moyne, earning $337,685 in 2014. LeMura is the first female lay President of a Jesuit institution in the United States and began her presidential career halfway through the calendar year on July 14, 2014, according to Form 990, a document nonprofits must file annually. LeMura had served as Vice President and Provost since 2007, and prior to that worked as Le Moyne’s Dean of Arts and Sciences since 2003.

LeMura received a raise of more than $100,000 from 2013, when she earned $219,588 as the college’s provost. In 2014, her total compensation reached $337,685 for six months as provost and six months as president. This total compensation can be broken down into salary plus housing allowance [$276,468] and benefits [$61,217].

LeMura’s benefits included a $10,000 bonus and tuition exchange for her daughter, who was attending Fordham University at the time, according to Le Moyne’s Director of Communication and Public Affairs, Joe Della Posta.

The preceding president, Fred P. Pestello received a total compensation of $231,187 for his last six months at Le Moyne. The figure can be broken down into salary plus housing allowance [$197,500] and benefits [$33,687]. Pestello ended his employment on June 30, 2014.  

In his last full year, 2013, Pestello received $531,257 for a full year of presidency, according to the 2013 Form 990. In future years, LeMura’s total benefits are likely to increase to equal Pestello’s, according to Della Posta. The board sets the annual salaries, which will therefore remain constant between the two presidents, Della Posta said.

Pestello was Le Moyne’s first lay president, serving from 2008 to 2014. He left to become president of another Jesuit school, Saint Louis University, which has four times as many students as Le Moyne.

Form 990 was released with information regarding the calendar year of 2014. The information from the Form 990 was filed through Le Moyne’s financial office on May 31, 2015. Page 51 describes the college’s key and highest compensated employees.

A total of 51 Le Moyne employees received more than $100,000 in compensation in 2014, according to Page 8 of the Form 990.

Here is a list of the other highest paid employees at Le Moyne in 2014 and their total compensation:

  • Roger W. Stackpoole: Senior Vice President of Finance, Enrollment and Admission: $244,308
  • Martha Grabowski: Professor and Director of Information Systems: $224,847
  • James E. Joseph: Dean of the Madden School of Business: $194,201
  • Deborah M. Cady Melzer: Vice President of Student Life: $176,425
  • John E. Matson: Associate Vice President of Human Resources: $174,368.
  • Dennis R. Deperro: Dean of Graduate and Professional studies: $169,538
  • Thomas P. Brockelman, who succeeded LeMura as provost July 1, 2014: $154,122 for half of the academic year.  

Brockelman has more recently been replaced with Joseph G. Marina in March 2016. Brockelman was an interim provost, according to the Le Moyne College website.

Most of Le Moyne’s top paid employees are in the administration department.

“They’re mostly administrative jobs,” Della Posta said. “It looks like there’s only one pure professor, and that’s Martha Grabowski.”

Grabowski is a professor and director of Information Systems program. She has done an extensive amount of research in the fields of technology and risk analysis, according to the Le Moyne College website. Her high salary as a professor is a factor of the market, her experience, and her expertise, according to Della Posta.

Matson and Deperro both made the highest paid employee list the previous year, according to the 2013 Form 990. The two new names were Joseph and Melzer, both of whom remain in their same positions today.

Seven out of the top nine highest paid employees have their Ph.Ds, while the remaining two have their master’s degrees, according to the Le Moyne College website.