Le Moyne College Top 5 Highest Paid Contractors

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In 2014-2015, Le Moyne paid over $1.8 million for food services to Sodexo, the school’s largest independent contract at the school that year.

Between June 1, 2014, and May 31, 2015, Sodexo was paid $1,829,796; this is an increase from the previous year, in which they were paid $1,739,386.

According to Joe Della Posta, Le Moyne’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs, this increase of $90,410 to Sodexo was due to the increased number of students who were subscribed to the meal plan.

Sodexo provides campus dining services for 1,400 students,” said Della Posta. “They are the College’s food provider for student meal plans, and have been for over 30 years.” He says for 2013-2014, the total full-time equivalent enrollment was 2,942 students; for 2014-2015 it was 3,049 students. This caused an increase in expenses for the dining service.

Le Moyne College is required to release the school’s 990 Form annually. This form, detailing the school’s financial expenses, lists the top five highest paid independent contractors that the school paid. Behind Sodexo, these contractors include ABM Janitorial Services, Demco New York and Century Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. for Electrical Services, and Woodcock Associates Inc. for construction services.

Janitorial expenses from ABM Janitorial Services racked up to $1,554,806, making it the second highest paid contractor. Della Posta states that this was the cost of maintaining and cleaning all of the campus buildings, including dormitories and academic buildings.

Demco is the third highest paid contractor. The 2014-2015 990 form shows the school paid more to Demco New York compared to the previous 2013-2014 form. The forms show that in 2013-2014, Le Moyne paid $771,184 to the electric contractor, while in 2014-2015 the school paid $853,086.

Demco work went up because there were more projects they were involved with from year to year,” said Della Posta.

The school paid $748,515 towards Woodcock Associates Incorporated, the fourth highest paid contractor. The majority of this figure was for renovations to the Coyne Science Center, but it also included some work that was done in Mitchell and Foery halls.

“The work in Mitchell Hall was for the renovation of the second floor of the Madden School of Business, the work in Foery was the addition of student living space in the basement, and Coyne Science was the renovation work that was done for the third and fourth floors,” Della Posta said.

Le Moyne paid 53 contractors at least $100,000 each in 2014-2015, according to the 990 form.

The form can be obtained through the college finance office, or at guidestar.org.