Ted Grant Court set to open in October

The excitement of the new gym at the Henninger Athletic Center grows every day as we get closer to its completion. Construction has been going on since June and plans to be finished in early October.

It has been 55 years since Ted Grant Court has had a major renovation. The plans show that there will be new stadium style bleachers, a new sound system, a centered court and portable basketball hoops. According to the renovation plans on the Le Moyne Athletics website, the new stadium style bleachers will allow for three different types of seating arrangements that will be able to hold 685 to 2,637 people. The plans also show what the newly renovated gym will look like when completed.   

“I would say everyone is beyond excited,” said Le Moyne Head Basketball Coach Patrick Beilein.  “We are all looking forward to the opportunity to step on the floor for the first time and compete. It has been really neat being around all summer and watching the transformation take shape. Matt Bassett and his staff have done a tremendous job with the facility.”    

Since construction is still going on, three different Le Moyne athletic teams have had to change their practice venues. The volleyball team has currently been practicing in the recreation center’s gym.   

“Your team is only as good as the way you handle the challenges that you are given,” said Le Moyne Volleyball Head Coach Lizzie Cheek. “I have an incredible group of young women who put their best foot forward every day in the gym, so we really don’t look at the gym renovation with any sort of set backs in mind. We know that this will be a great thing for the entire student body and athletics so it is a small thing for us to handle.”

For the basketball teams, who have preseason starting up, the men’s team plans on practicing in the recreation center gym and the women’s team will use local high school gyms. The two basketball teams have had minimal issues as to scheduling practice times and locations.

“The hardest part was getting a gym during the time our students are free from class,” said Le Moyne Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach Cristina Centeno.  “Our head coach, Gina Castelli, has done a great job securing different locations close to campus for the month of September. This will put our players in the best possible position to have a successful preseason and be ready for official practice in October!”

Since the volleyball team’s season has already begun with a few away games, the team has their first home game on Sept. 13, a month before the gym plans to be completed. However, the team plans on hosting their home opener against Daemen College and other home games at local high schools.  

“The games will be held at a few different high schools such as JD and West Genesee,” said Cheek. “We may also have a match at FM so we are still figuring out some of the last minute details.”  

Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams however will start their first home games in the newly renovated gym with women’s on Nov. 11 as they host the Conference Challenge against Caldwell University and Holy Family University.  

With a newly renovated gym, is believed to help with the recruiting process of the majority of the Le Moyne Athletic teams.  

“I can tell you that the new facility has already been a tremendous recruiting tool,” said Coach Beilein. “We were able to bring in a nice class for this year and I believe the new gym played a factor with every one of those guys. Now our recruits won’t have to imagine a new gym, they will be able to come to campus and see it first-hand.”

In addition to help drive in future Phins athletically, administration is hoping the new gym will help bring in more fans.  

“We are expecting more fans than ever, not only for our games, but all of the events held in it!” said Women’s Assistant Coach Centeno.