All Signs Point to Dolphy Day!


The Dolphin

On Tuesday, April 19 at 5:25 pm, the infamous Wizard sent an email to the 2016 senior class stating that Wednesday would indeed be Dolphy Day. In an email with the subject line, “Let’s Do This” Le Moyne students raced to pick up beverages, torches, and other necessities to prepare for the spring holiday that comes to campus every year.

Rumors had been surfacing the last couple of days about what day would be THE day. Students also became curious as to why no scares had happened yet (there are usually one or two before Dolphy Day.) Talk swirled around that the college might have played a part in the fact that there were no scares this year, as opposed to other years. Is it because of the added clean-up? Or more liability issues? In The Wizard’s email to the senior class, he addresses this by saying, “I know that some of you are not happy about the fact that there was no scare.” He continues on to say, “I promise there was a reason behind that decision. I’d be happy to discuss it with anyone tomorrow around 5:01 pm.”

The campus pub also cancelled their weekly Tuesday trivia in an email stating, “Due to recent events, trivia tonight has been cancelled, the pub will still be open for a cheap pre game.”

Dolphy Day proves to be the most exciting day of the spring semester for Le Moyne students as they dance, play games, drink, and hang out with friends on the quad all day soaking up what’s hopefully a beautiful sunny day.

Stay safe and have fun!

As the Wiz says, “Go Phins’”