NOT NEWSWORTHY NEWS: Sugarless gummy bears wreak havoc


Vernon, NY – Tears were shed at Katerie Chipsee’s funeral, Sunday,  March 20 as friends and family mourned the 16-year-old’s tragic death. Chipsee passed away due to an overconsumption of sugar free gummy bears earlier this week.

Friends and family say that Chipsee, affectionately called “mookiebear,” had loved gummy bears and had eaten them almost every day. The five pound bag of sugar free gummies caught Chipsee’s attention on the Amazon trending list.  She dug deeper, only to read five-star review after five-star review.  She quickly ordered the colorful little bears using her boyfriend, James Pitts’, Amazon Prime account, which had free two-day shipping.

Pitts, who was unaware Chipsee had used his Amazon Prime account for the purchase, stated his only regret was not checking his purchase history sooner.

Chispee’s mom found her in the bathroom 18 hours after Chipsee had locked herself in there to consume the gummies in peace. She opened the bathroom door to find Chipsee in a scene too graphic to describe.

“She was a very emotional person,” Chipsee’s mother commented, “She regularly locked herself in the bathroom when things bothered her at school, so I didn’t suspect anything weird when Katerie locked herself in the bathroom for so long.”  

Amazon took the sugar free version of the gummy bears off the website after similar incidents happened worldwide.  The gummy bear company has no comment on the situation and is now facing major lawsuits.