NOT NEWSWORTHY NEWS: Male sapien rubs sunblock on fellow male sapien [no homo]


Miami, FL – Spring breakers Dale Bancroft and James Meyers shared a special moment as they rubbed SPF 70 onto each other’s bare chests and backs in order to avoid getting severely sunburnt, as they drank the day away on Friday March 11. Witnesses report Bancroft and Meyers were generously rubbing the sunblock onto each other’s pectoral muscles and abs for about five minutes—enough time to ensure that the sun block would not run off when wet.

“Sure, I could have reached my own chest but I feel like I get more coverage when my buddy does it for me. No homo!” said Meyers.

Beach goers and onlookers say they weren’t implying any homosexual tension between the two men, when they noticed them; they were simply making observations.

Bancroft and Meyers met one another in a Statistics class almost two months ago and immediately became friends, which quickly transformed into what some may call a bromance [a close but nonsexual relationship between two men]. “I’m so comfortable with my sexuality that it doesn’t even phase me when another man may [or may not] touch or see my half naked and greased up bod. No homo, man!” said Bancroft.

The two friends were later seen sharing a Berry-Blast Protein smoothie, with extra protein, with two straws at the local Smoothie King.