The Home Stretch: The Approach of the Iowa Caucus


The Iowa Caucus will be held on Feb. 1 and it will be determining who will gain much of the spotlight for the rest of the presidential election. The winner of this caucus will determine who the media will follow endlessly in order to be the eyes of the public, as the front runners will gain more attention.

On the other hand, it may be a possibility that it could be the end of the line for some nominees that don’t receive much of the vote from the caucus.

All in all, the Iowa Caucus is known for either “making or breaking” a candidate. The aftermath reveals the select candidates that have generated most of the public’s support and if they are promising what the majority of the voters would like.

It also gives insight to the presidential candidates, letting them know if the platform that they have been presenting is as appealing as they’ve hoped.

According to the Huffington Post, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the frontrunners for the Democratic Party and leading the Republican Party is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

The rest of the caucus’ though, will also play a major role in the expectations in the outcome of the election, but none can truly be compared to that of Iowa. By the end of the first few caucus’, the winners of the national nomination will be able to be predicted and once again, will be displayed all over the media and given the utmost attention by the public.

However, the winner of the caucus will obviously be determined Feb. 1, when the citizens of Iowa cast their vote and shove the frontrunners into the spotlight, to be watched incessantly by the rest of the public, who are in turn, waiting to cast their own votes.