NOT NEWSWORTHY NEWS: Senior sick and tired of family asking what her plans are after graduation


Syracuse, NY– Le Moyne senior Michaella Jones was reportedly asked over 40 times during the winter break what her plans are after graduation by family members. Most of the questions were asked during Jones’ family Christmas party on Dec. 25. “My Aunt Linda asked me at least four times that night within a span of three hours,” said Jones.

Jones is dual majoring in Philosophy and Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and has three minors in Creative Writing, Spanish, and Gender and Women’s studies. “My plan is to apply to jobs in the area. That’s all I know,” said Jones.

The constant stream of questions from her family about her personal life is like an order of bottomless fries at Red Robin, they just keep on coming. “I see these people twice a year, they can’t spell my name correctly but all of a sudden my future is everyone’s number one concern?” said Jones. “All I wanted was to enjoy my christmas cookies in some god d**n peace and quiet without the bulls**t small talk.”

Michaella was later found on Jan.14 pouting alone as her relatives flocked to her 18-year-old sister Janice with new intrigues on where Janice was deciding to attend university.