Noreen gets a Coffee Machine


When studying for finals or writing that english paper this year, you will no longer have to go all the way to Dunkin Donuts to get your coffee fix. The Noreen Falcone Library recently became the owner of a Ducale coffee machine, which is one of only eleven in the United States. For every cup served, the machine [made in Italy] grounds fresh coffee beans, then presses hot water through the grounds to create a cup of coffee with a distinct European flair.

Every year during finals week the local Tim Hortons has provided the library with free coffee and donuts to help get students through the end of the semester. However, earlier this month several Tim Hortons across Central New York closed, leaving the librarians in a predicament.

The addition of the new coffee machine in the library, came at the perfect time; allowing students to purchase coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, and hot chocolate anytime they are in the library. The drinks come in a 12 ounce cup, with prices ranging from $1.25 to $3.25.

“When I first found out about it, I thought it would be a keurig,” said sophomore Casey Lind, who works in the library. “I am really impressed by the machine, and the prices are reasonable.”

While the new machine arrived just in time to supplement the Tim Horton’s problem, acquiring the machine has been a process 10 years in the making. Le Moyne librarian Kari Zhe-Heimerman and Library Director Bob Johnston explained that student surveys have shown for years a desire for a cafe or coffee machine in the library. However, after Sodexo employees looked into options in 2014, it was decided that there was no room to set up a food station similar to those in the Dolphin Den in the library.

This past August, Associate Vice President of Facilities at Le Moyne Jed Schneider joined the conversation, and presented a proposal for a coffee machine. The library then acquired the Ducale coffee machine free of charge, a machine made in Italy and sent to the U.S. The money made from coffee sales will go to the vendor in Utica, and Le Moyne will even make 20 cents off every cup sold. There will also be no charge for upkeep of the machine or refilling.

For every cup of coffee, or specialty drink made by the machine, fresh beans are ground. Associate for Avanti Entertainment Joe Putrello explained that while there are a limited amount of these specific coffee machines in the US, they are very prevalent in Europe.

“I have a picture of this same machine at a subway station in Milan,” said Putrello. “The only difference being the flavors and the menu.”

After installing the machine on Friday Dec. 4, Putrello stayed in the library all day giving out free samples to any student who passed by.

Kari Zhe-Heimerman and Library Director Bob Johnston explained how excited they were to find out the machine would arrive just before finals week, and for a limited time the library will hold a raffle at the front desk where 10 students will be able to win a free cup of coffee.