What’s Next at Le Moyne after Undergrad?

Rachel Chea

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March 23, 2017

When most people think about Le Moyne College—whether it be generally, or in terms of applying or attending—they tend to only focus on the undergraduate experience and offerings. Not many people may know that Le Moyne offers a wide variety of top-notch graduate programs as well.

The School of Graduate and Professional Studies [GPS] offers programs that range from the business school to programs in the arts. Le Moyne offers Master’s degrees in Education, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant Studies, among others, revealed the Dean of GPS Dennis DePerro. Additionally, the college has an MBA program through the Madden School, a Master’s in Arts Administration program in the College of Arts and Sciences and a formal, direct entry program in Physician Assistant Studies.

According to the Le Moyne website, “Le Moyne’s graduate programs blend critical theory with practical experience. Those who graduate from the college are recognized nationally as caring, competent professionals who serve their communities with skill and integrity.”

Although there are a wide variety of programs to choose from, DePerro says that at this point, the programs in the Health Professions have the most market demand and are clearly the most popular.

Not all of the graduate programs are solely through Le Moyne; in fact, Le Moyne currently has 3/2, 3/3 and 4/2 programs where the college partners with schools such as Syracuse University and Cornell.

Our graduate programs are generally two year programs,” said DePerro. “[However,] the OT [Occupational Therapy] and PA [Physician Assistant Studies] programs are full-time and consume two full calendar years.”

Other programs can also be taken as part-time graduate study and can be tailored to a particular student’s schedule.

The ratio of Le Moyne students to non-Le Moyne students who participate in these programs differ for each. However, there are many opportunities open for Le Moyne Students to graduate with their Bachelor’s degree in any area and then remain at Le Moyne to complete a Master’s degree.

“I’m currently in the education graduate program, for secondary social studies education,” said Anthony Rufo, recent 2015 Le Moyne graduate. “My program lasts about a year and a half and so far I have to say that I can only say good things about it! The work has been challenging, yet manageable.”

As for his plans after the program ends, Rufo says he plans to be a 10th grade history teacher because he absolutely loves Global history!

While some graduate programs are aimed at part-time students who reside in Central New York, others such as the OT and PA programs attract a significant number of students from outside New York State. In both the OT and PA programs, at least 30 percent of the students are from out-of-state.

“The graduate programs continue to grow and meet the need of the community and region. [In fact] the college will be looking next to add a doctoral degree in educational leadership [Ed.D] which will provide a terminal degree for professionals in Education, Health Care and Management,”  said DePerro. “The School of Graduate and Professional Studies has a vision that strives to meet the demand for professional education at the undergraduate and graduate level.”

The graduate programs here at Le Moyne ultimately provide students with an opportunity to continue their education in areas of study that they love, with the same core values and teachings that Le Moyne upholds.
For more information on the different graduate programs, visit lemoyne.edu.