NOT NEWSWORTHY NEWS: New York State Bans Driving while “Whipping and Nae Naeing”

NOT NEWSWORTHY NEWS: New York State Bans Driving while “Whipping and Nae Naeing”

Albany, NY — New York State passed a law on Tuesday, Oct. 27 which bans the act of whipping and then nae naeing [the popular dance move] while driving.

Since the music video was released this past June, NYS Troopers reported over 40 accidents in New York State alone related to drivers whipping and nae naeing while driving. Three of these accidents ended with fatalities and over half in serious injury of pride. It’s not just teenage drivers causing these accidents—20 percent of the dancing drivers were above the age of 30.  

The law says that if a driver is caught whipping and/or nae naeing in the driver’s seat, the driver will be fined $69 and get 2 points on their license.

“We do not take matters of public safety lightly. You may look cool while doing it, but at what cost?” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

A survivor of a whip/nae nae crash shared what was going through her head prior to the accident she caused.

“I wanted to impress my friends with my moves,” said 23-year-old Sarah Davis. “The Vines on the internet make it look so easy and fun, which it is.”

According to Davis, it is easy to whip to any song or commercial that comes on the radio. “My current favorite song to whip to is ‘Downtown’ by Macklemore and my favorite commercial is one for a local Mexican restaurant.”

The song “Watch me [Whip/ Nae Nae]” by Richard Lamar Hawk [known better by his fans as Silentó] came out in May 2015, peaking at number three on the Billboard Hot 100, where it remained for six non- consecutive weeks.

When asked what he thinks about the current tragedies surrounding the dance move he created, Silentó said, “Sometimes you gotta risk it to get the biscuit. No further questions.”

We have yet to receive clarification of what he meant by this comment.