Zipcars come to Campus

Zipcars come to Campus

Last week, the office of Campus Life and Leadership announced the addition of Zipcars to campus as a means of student transportation. Zipcar is a company that promotes car-sharing on college campuses and elsewhere by allowing students to purchase a membership, and rent cars by the hour.  Le Moyne will acquire two Zipcars this month that will be stored in between the library and the PAC.

Memberships will cost students and faculty members $25 to purchase a membership, and they will receive $35 of driving credit when purchasing. After purchasing a membership, students can rent a Zipcar for $7.50 an hour or $69 per day, which includes gas, insurance and maintenance. Students who are at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license are eligible to rent the vehicles 24 hours a day.

Members of the surrounding community will also be invited to buy a membership for a steeper fee of $70 a year, after an additional background check fee of $25.

According to John Haley of Campus Life and Leadership, the cars are self-serviced and can be reserved online, or using the Zipcar mobile app. After purchasing a membership, students and faculty members will receive a “Zip card,” which unlocks the doors of the vehicle before use. The new cars will come outfitted with wireless technology, snow shovels and toll passes.

“I do think that these zipcars will have a positive affect and it could potentially save students money,” said Student Government President Morgan Baker. “If students utilize these cars they may not need to bring their cars to campus, which means they don’t need to pay for a parking pass or waste gas driving back and forth from home.”

The mission of the ZipCar company is to alleviate parking issues on college campuses, while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. According to their website, Zipcars will take around 15 cars off the road by promoting car-sharing, and “giving students the freedom to express their concern for environmental initiatives while allowing the schools themselves to focus on big-ticket issues: campus parking, congestion, and pollution.”

“Another benefit of the zipcars is that it is cheaper than any taxi service found in Syracuse,” said Baker. “Poor college students saving money sounds great to me! I really hope students utilize this amazing service, or at least try it.”

Baker also said if you would like more information, the Student Government Association will be sitting outside the dining hall in the next couple weeks to provide instructions and information.