NOT NEWSWORTHY NEWS: Walmart answers pumpkin spice prayers

NOT NEWSWORTHY NEWS: Walmart answers pumpkin spice prayers

Bentonville, AR— In light of the Autumnal weather, Walmart has hopped on the pumpkin spiced bandwagon by introducing their new line of pumpkin spice baby care items on Monday, Oct. 5. This includes pumpkin spice baby wipes, formula, bottle nipples, food puree, bubble bath, diapers, and binkies.

Tiny tykes all over the country now get to have a taste of the pumpkin spice craze that has been sweeping the nation.

“I’m so glad I can finally share my pumpkin spice obsession with my baby,” said Martha Jenkins, mother of a 7-month-old. “It’s about time the newest generation gets a true sense of what fall is about.”

Walmart opened its doors at 6 a.m. to find ten women camping on the sidewalk patiently awaiting the chance to buy out the pumpkin spiced baby care aisle. Eight of the 10 women were mothers, the other two were simply in love with any and all things pumpkin spice.

The reactions to the products have been overall positive. “My son’s butt has never smelled more appealing,” said Judy Franklin, mother of a 5 month-old. “Sometimes I’ll even grab some of the puree as a snack for myself when I’m at the gym.”

The craze started with pumpkin spiced lattes from popular chain coffee shops, such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Sales of pumpkin-flavored goods have risen 79 percent since 2011 and that number has only been increasing since.