Everyday Stresses of College Students

Everyday Stresses of College Students

According to the National Center for Education, approximately 7.3 million students attend a two year college, while approximately 13.7 million students attend a four year college. A vast majority of those college students find themselves drowning under the pressures that come with college life, causing mental health issues to be at an all-time high.

Based on a recent poll taken by The Dolphin, 26 percent of students surveyed say they “almost always” feel stressed during a typical school week, while 35 percent of students say that they feel stressed “most of the time” during the week.

As for student anxiety, 30 percent of students surveyed say they “almost always” experience anxiety, while 28 percent experience anxiety “most of the time.”

According to the survey, the greatest stressors of college life tend to be sports, school work and being away from home. More than 50 percent of student athletes surveyed said that being on a sports team “contributes significantly to their weekly stress.”

Mental health issues among college students have been increasing through the years, as these issues range from exhaustion, anxiety, and suicidal actions. [According to affordablecollegesonline.org]. As of 2014, 82.1 percent of students struggle through exhaustion at some point in the academic year; 52 percent experience an overwhelming amount of anxiety; and 8.1 percent consider committing suicide to escape their everyday stress and anxieties. As of 2013, some 40 percent of students had reached out to get counseling for their mental health.

Over the entire academic year, almost every college student faces some kind of difficulty, when it comes to mental stability.

According to The Dolphin’s survey, when asked how students cope with their weekly stress, zero percent of students responded by saying they would talk to someone in health services. 40 percent of Le Moyne students surveyed say they cope with stress by getting more sleep, and 39 percent they respond to stress by getting more work done.

When asked about her everyday stresses, freshman Lauren Zazzaro said, “I am stressed out managing my time and making sure that all of my assignments are done to the best of my ability, while still trying to enjoy myself as a college freshman.”

Another freshman, Erin Pepe, said, “The first week of college was very difficult as I got used to being away from home. Then, I started to become closer with my friends and college became more enjoyable than it did stressful.”