NOT NEWSWORTHY NEWS: Girl makes boyfriend her “Man crush Monday” 73 weeks in a row

NOT NEWSWORTHY NEWS: Girl makes boyfriend her “Man crush Monday” 73 weeks in a row

Philadelphia, PA—In order to prove her loyalty and love, Ashley Johnson, 16, has set an example for couples everywhere by making her boyfriend, Craig Green, 17, her #MCM [Man Crush Monday] on Instagram for 73 weeks in a row.  

According to Urban Dictionary, “[#MCM] is a short term on instagram/twitter to say MAN CRUSH MONDAY where you post a picture of a good looking guy/sexy BEAST! and say he’s your crush for the current Monday.”

Johnson started posting “cute” pictures of Green exactly three days after they started texting in April of 2014.

“He was making farting noises behind me in English and I knew he had a great sense of humor,” said Ashley. “I got his number from Facebook and we’ve been together for almost a year and a half now.”

The couple has given themselves the couple name of “Crashley”, which no one, but themselves, refer to them as.

Captions on Johnson’s Man Crush Monday photos include, “He’s okay I guess <3 #MCM,” “So glad I’m in love with my best friend #MCM” and “This guy right here is my [world emoji]. Don’t know what I would do without my bae #MCM.”

With 354 followers on instagram, a majority of Johnson’s peers get to witness the display of young love.

“The first couple posts were cute but that stuff got old real quick,” said Rebecca Schmidt, one of Johnson’s classmates and former best friend.

The amount of “likes” on Johnson’s Man Crush Monday photos started decreasing exponentially after the seventh week.

“I used to get at least 40 likes on my Crashley photos, but lately it’s been five or less,” explained Johnson. “I think it’s because everyone is jealous of the love Craig and I share.”

Johnson’s peers deny being jealous of Johnson and Green’s relationship.

After being polled, Johnson’s followers unanimously agreed that her weekly uploads were “excessive,” “unoriginal” and “not even cute.”

When asked how he feels about being Johnson’s #MCM every week, Green only responded with, “Can you blame her?”

After looking though Green’s instagram posts, it appeared Ashley had not appeared once as his #WCW [Woman Crush Wednesday, the #MCM reciprocal]. Instead, Green would upload the occasional photo of North West, Kim Kardashian and Kayne West’s daughter as his #WCW.