Le Moyne’s New Website, Yay or Nay?


How useful is the new Le Moyne website? Well, for the first month of the academic year, it didn’t even know who Linda LeMura was.

After almost a year and a half of development, the new site was introduced to Le Moyne on Aug. 31. The offices of Communications and Marketing would not release how much it cost to redesign the Le Moyne website, but Director of Communications Joe Della Posta said it was in the college’s existing marketing budget.

The site’s new look and functionality now incorporates the college’s brand message and has switched over to a “deep scrolling” site. According to Le Moyne’s Associate Vice President of Marketing Peter Killian, this takes advantage of how the younger demographic view websites on their multiple devices: smartphones, laptops and tablets.

“The focus of the new site is on storytelling as a way to convey the many ways that Le Moyne impacts students, through their interaction with faculty, service activities and on-campus experiences,” said Killian. “ The site is also much more visibly dominant, focusing on telling the websiteLe Moyne story through photos and videos.”

Killian says Le Moyne has been responding positively to the new site, however, a survey conducted by The Dolphin would say otherwise.

In a recent poll almost 63 percent of the 51 students polled said the website was not easy to navigate. In their personal responses many said the search box, links and navigation need to be fixed and made easier in order to improve the site.

The survey also revealed that 54 percent of respondents prefer the previous site to the new one, yet Le Moyne’s current website was found to be more attractive. One student said while he/she can appreciate the new aesthetic, they want to make sure the new site is serving its purpose writing, “Make sure the website is for students and not for future students.”

With the size and complexity of the new site Killian said problems can be expected. One of the issues many have faced while using the site is the search function, both when using it on the site and using search engines such as Google. Killian says the cause of the issue has been identified and the team working on the site is now working directly with Google to make sure it is corrected.