What is it about Fake IDs and Downtown?

What is it about Fake IDs and Downtown?

Fake IDs have been a seemingly essential factor in the average student’s college experience since 1984, when the age for buying and possessing alcohol was raised to 21. Now, students can order fake IDs as readily as they order clothes online.

With underage drinking remaining at such high levels over the past decade [according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there are 10.1 million underage drinkers in the United States] many assume a big contributing factor is the accessibility to fake IDs. However, a recent survey conducted by The Dolphin revealed that a majority of Le Moyne students feel an ID is not worth the money or the risk.

Out of 83 respondents, 75.9 percent said they had never owned a Fake ID. Most reasoned that they either waited [or are waiting] until their 21st birthday or don’t drink. However, the results also showed that people don’t have fake IDs because they have access to alcohol through other means or they just borrow a friend’s.

For those who do decide to stick with the college ritual and get themselves an ID, the two most popular ways of obtaining one is by either having someone personally make it for you or by buying it online. When buying IDs, people tend to only contemplate the consequences after the ID is in hand; but not many think of how dangerous the process of buying one can be.

In late August, Governor Cuomo warned college students about buying fake IDs online. Cuomo reported state investigators had discovered “dozens” of identity theft cases that occurred after students tried to purchase fake IDs online. From handing over their names, addresses, dates of birth and other personal details, scam artists were able to gather enough information to commit fraud.

However, no matter how threatening the risks, many students aren’t deterred from purchasing an ID . . . but they soon find out obtaining one only “fixes” half of the problem. Now, they just have to get through the door.

Seeing as though Syracuse is a relatively small city, some may say options are limited for students when it comes to finding ways to entertain themselves on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. There’s some Le Moyne parties and SU parties, but most students find themselves dancing at Clinton Street Pub or talking under the moosehead at Mully’s.

Clinton Street Pub manager Katie Depew says what keeps college students continuously flowing through their doors is that the party never stops.

“Clinton Street is the only house party downtown,” said Depew. “We let the kids do a little more than some other places. We allow them to get up on our benches and dance, whereas some bars would deter that sort of behavior.”

While the party never stops once you get into Clinton Street, Depew says it’s important to remember bouncers have the power to deny whoever they want for whatever reason.

Former Mully’s bouncer and Le Moyne grad, Sean O’Connor says he has denied people for multiple reasons.

Usually when I denied someone it was because they were too drunk to be in the bar, they tried using an ID of someone who I knew and it wasn’t them, or if the fake ID they were using was bad,” said O’Connor. “Other times if someone had a bad attitude with me I would deny them as well, because I didn’t want to deal with it, and it is actually very annoying to deal with — especially if there’s a big line waiting to get in.”

Neither Depew nor O’Connor would disclose how easy it is to get into Mully’s or Clinton Street Pub because they did not want to be mistaken for promoting underage drinking; but it was confirmed that as long as you have an ID that states you are 21-years-old, a second form of ID and a pleasant attitude, you have a very high chance of enjoying yourself downtown for the night.