Residence Halls Undergo Technology Improvement

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Young focused student using a tablet computer in a library

In addition to the reconstruction of the Coyne Science Center this past summer, Le Moyne has implemented a new TV provider on campus called Campus Televideo, and added updated wireless routers throughout campus.

Campus Televideo provides Cable TV service through DirecTV. Now students are able to receive a wider variety of channels including HBO. Before, only a few local channels were in high definition, now all channels are. Presently, residents are advised to visit the channel guide on channel 53-8. A channel guide is expected to be posted on the Le Moyne website soon.

One foreseen issue with Campus Televideo is that the company requires televisions to work in tandem with a QAM tuner. Most TV’s made within the past few years already have this installed. However, if one needs to be purchased, students are encouraged to buy a Digital TV Converter Box from places like Target, Walmart, Amazon or Bestbuy, with the cost of one ranging from $30-$70.

Sophomore Logan VanDyke admitted he was caught off-guard when he walked onto campus this year.

“I purchased my TV from Sears in February. It was a RCA 32” LED TV. I got it for $200, and it surprisingly didn’t work with our cable,” said VanDyke. “Unfortunately, in my case, it was just easier for me to sell it and buy one with a QAM tuner built in. I would advise other residents to look into the QAM tuner though — it could really save them money.”

Le Moyne’s internet has also received a boost. Over the summer, wireless routers were installed throughout the residential halls — one in every other room — allowing for a greater range and maintainability of wireless coverage for residents. That’s approximately over 500 routers in total. The routers now support the most recent “standard” at 802.11 ac.

According to a recent poll taken at Le Moyne College, 88 percent of 681 undergraduate students feel that they are being well-served by the college’s wireless internet access. A random selection of more than half of students in all residential halls were surveyed. This shows a drastic difference in results compared to a survey taken in the Spring of 2015 of a sample of 100 students living in residence halls, where 68 percent of students were unhappy with the wifi system.

Sophomore Kelsey Rich, who previously lived in Dablon Hall and is now residing in Foery Hall believes, “There is definitely a difference in the speed of the wireless internet this year, compared to last. Before I would spend ten minutes just waiting for Gmail to load. Now it is ready to go in seconds.”

Le Moyne’s IT Department, and Director of Campus Life and Leadership, John Haley have refused to comment at this time.