Attendance at Chevy Court Hits All Time High

This year the Chevy Court arena at the New York State Fair has significantly boosted their attendance, setting record numbers. According to the State Fair public relations manager Dave Bullard, an estimated 220,000 people attended Chevy Court concerts within only the first 10 days of the fair. The increase in numbers is believed to be a result of the increase in talent being recruited by the Chevy Court Stage, boasting acts such as Steve Miller Band, Nick Jonas, Jason Derulo and Cole Swindell.

“We’ve increased our investment in talent for this stage and created a much more diverse lineup. That effort is paying big dividends for the Fair, its vendors, and music fans,” said State Fair Acting Director Troy Waffner. “We’ve said that we’re the best free music festival among all state fairs. These numbers prove that the future of music at the Great New York state Fair is at Chevy Court.”

The previous record of 175,600 attendants for free Chevy Court concerts in 2015, was broken only eight days into the fair after Jason Derulo brought in 24,800 viewers. By Sunday, the stage had been seen by 219,600 people. The final two “major” acts of the fair, Steve Miller Band [which brought in an additional 39,000 guests] and Nick Jonas further smashed Chevy Court attendance records.

“I believe they have had a lot of great shows this year for free and not so many at the grandstand,” said junior Madeline Warren. “Nick Jonas came and Jason Derulo the other night was crazy! These are well known people who are very famous so it’s awesome that they come for free. We are really only paying a small fee just to get into the fair, and it comes with a free concert that people can actually enjoy.”

This year also marked the last shows at the Fair’s Grandstand arena, and the opening of the new Waterfront Amphitheatre on Onondaga Lake. However, come next year, those will not be the only changes made to the Fairgrounds concert venues.

Chevy Court will undergo renovation in the fall as part of a $50 million dollar project to upgrade the fairgrounds. The current stage and backstage area will be torn down and remodeled in time for the 2016 fair concerts.

With the renovations to the stage and an increased number of attendants, the question of additional seating being added may be a relevant one.

“The view of the stage was great. We were able to see two really large names at no charge. I think that in itself was great. We did not have seats. By the time that we arrived at the concert, it was standing room only,” said Senior Erin Simmons, who attended both Jason Derulo’s and Cole Swindell’s concerts. “I think if the fair was to add more seats then they may have a larger turnout. And if there was more seating on the lawn then they would have a greater crowd. Overall, I believe that the fair did a great job with the amount of space that was available to their audience.”

Despite, the climbing temperatures and record crowds, many still believe that the free Chevy Court Acts are a great deal filled with great talent.

“I do think that the talent that was offered at the fair was amazing for a free concert. I think that if it was a paid concert then the fair would not have seen as large of a crowd,” said Simmons. “Overall, each concert was a great experience.”