Uber Transportation

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Living on campus can be hard when many places aren’t within walking distance. But next year getting around could be much easier because Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing services may becoming to Syracuse.

Many students say it can be a hassle finding rides to and from campus. Sophomore Amanda Grimmie said it’s especially hard after a fun night at Syracuse University or downtown.

“Services such as Uber could definitely be beneficial, especially to college students who want fast and convenient transportation,” said Grimmie.

Uber and Lyft are currently available in 60 cities that are smaller than Syracuse. such as  Burlington, VT and Scranton, PA.

A total of 23 states nationwide have passed legislation allowing such companies to operate — New York is not one of them. Yet,  these services are available in New York City due to an agreement with the city’s Taxi & Limousine Commission.

New York State’s insurance regulations make it difficult for ridesharing to become a possibility. But State Senator James Seward, R-Milford says the issue will take precedence within the next year.

For that to happen companies would have to establish agreements with local governments or taxi commissions who govern traditional taxi companies.

As a possible contentious policy in future agreements, transportation network companies could be paying for their services to be available in cities such as Syracuse.

The National Limousine Association and its Upstate New York chapter are opposed to ride-booking because they feel it creates different rules for a specific group of drivers who are providing the same service as they are.

What makes companies like Uber and Lyft is their convenience. With a location-based dispatch and an in app billing, customers are able to be picked up quickly and no longer have to worry about a cash payment — the perfect solution to any college student’s travel dilemmas.