Where are they now: Jackie Lundblad ‘10, Social Advertising Analyst at Buzzfeed

Where are they now: Jackie Lundblad ‘10, Social Advertising Analyst at Buzzfeed

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What was your major at Le Moyne and what year did you graduate?

Marketing concentration with a minor in Political Science, graduated in 2010.

What is your job title now?

Social Advertising Analyst at Buzzfeed.

What was your career path leading up to where you are now?

Started off at Terakeet Corp., a Syracuse startup SEO and digital marketing company, then moved down to NYC for a job OMD, a global media communications agency, after spending a little over 2 years there I moved on to BuzzFeed.

What is your favorite part about working at Buzzfeed?

I really love the startup feel that BuzzFeed continues to have even as we’re going on employee 800+, I get to go to work everyday and really feel like I’m making an impact on my department and on BF as a whole.  I also am constantly surrounding by some of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever worked with, which only further pushes me to think outside the box and think bigger…that’s another big thing here we’re always encouraged to create change and experiment.

What drew you into working in your field?

I got my first taste for analytics when I was at Terakeet, it was the part of my job that I looked forward to the most.  I’m in a field that is ever changing and is one where my day to day is never really the same, I love that about media and even more so being at BuzzFeed where we’re a major player in creating change in our field, it’s really exciting and motivating.

What are some of the perks of working at a company like Buzzfeed?

I have to be honest, there are a lot of great perks to working at a company like BuzzFeed.  Of course there are the fun and (surface and frivolous) perks like meeting celebrities when they come in for interviews or having lunch catered two times a week in addition to an in office froyo machine and stocked snack room but even more so the culture here is always uplifting and energizing.  Our office is more of a campus which provides a comfortable and flexible environment and I get to go to work everyday with my friends who I consider family and work for a great company doing great things within our industry.

How do you feel having a “Le Moyne education” has served you in the professional world?

I whole heartily believe in the holistic education that Le Moyne encourages and provides.  The curriculum at LeMoyne helped to broaden my skill set and find out not only what field I was specifically interested in but on a more general level what academic interests had and what my strengths were which would later shape my career.  The leadership and empathic skills I observed and developed at Le Moyne give me a different perspective in my field and have definitely help me to stand out.

What are some of your most memorable experiences or professors from Le Moyne that have helped you get to where you are today?

My most memorable experiences were from my friends, my teammates and my coaches at Le Moyne but I also had  many professors that were vital aids in not only my education at Le Moyne but the advice they gave for the “real world” helped in many decisions I had along the way.  My favorite thing about the my Le Moyne professors is that all of them are actually available to you to use as a resource not only for the class you may be taking with them but for any mentoring or advice you my need in general…something I wish I had taken more advantage of!  Professor Orne was my advisor and was extremely helpful to me throughout my time at Le Moyne, I definitely encourage students to schedule as much time as your can with your advisors, there are still so many key pieces of advice he has given me that I still use in my current role.  I always loved my classes with and made sure to take as many as I could with Professors Arno, Shefrin, Considine and Kagan as well.

What advice do you have to students looking to pursue a career in marketing or communications?

Keep up with the industry trends, it may seem easy but things are continuously changing and being on top of market is a huge advantage.  It not only helps in interviews and during internal/external meetings (once you have the job) but it will help you figure out what part of the industry you want to be apart of.

For any major though, take as many internships you can!  Not only to build your resume but to make connections and learn from those already in your field, observe what they do (their habits, their communication styles, their management style, everything) and what it is that appeals to you about them.  Get as much guidance and advice from your advisors, coaches and teachers at Le Moyne as you can, ask them about things outside the classroom!