“New” Presidential office for LeMura


By Amari D. Pollard ‘17, NEWS & FEATURES EDITOR

As of Dec. 19 construction began to create a new home for President LeMura. The President’s office has now moved to Suite 209J on the second floor of Grewen. Her office is now roughly occupying half of the space that used to be the entire presidential suite. Along with LeMura, the provost and part of the staff of Institutional Advancement will share space in the suite.

“Given the location of many key offices and individuals on the second floor of Grewen, it made perfect logistical sense to relocate,” said LeMura.

With LeMura’s former office space on the third floor of Grewen available, the goal is to eventually transform the room into a welcome area for prospective students and their parents as they wait to meet with admissions counselors or take campus tours.

This small change not only utilizes the available space on campus more efficiently by eventually housing 11 individuals rather than four, but it brings some administrators back on campus. Five professionals from Le Moyne’s Institutional Advancement Division, who currently work in a house that Le Moyne rents on East Genesee Street, will now be directly on campus therefore opening up their accessibility.

“By creating an office for them, we will eventually be able to terminate the lease on that house, saving the College money, while, at the same time, bringing them back to campus, where they belong,” said LeMura.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the construction of former President Dr. Fred Pestello’s presidential suite last fall, but LeMura said the change was unrelated to the previous debate.

LeMura explained the reason the president’s office moved [back to it’s original location] was due to the renovation of Mitchell Hall. She was aware of the discussions surrounding its construction—what many students viewed as unnecessary and extravagant—but had no say in its final design.

“The location of the office makes a lot of sense from a logistical standpoint and its proximity to many key departments and individuals at the College,” said LeMura. “One of the important points about this move is how much better the space is utilized to accommodate more work areas and more individuals.”