Where Are They Now: Lauren Pisano


Rachel Chea '17, PHOTO EDITOR

It was just two years ago that Lauren Pisano walked across the Le Moyne graduation stage and entered the real world. No matter where her career and travels take her however, Le Moyne always holds a special place in her heart.

Pisano was a Communications Major, with a concentration in TV/Radio Production and was heavily involved in the PAC as a director, producer and an actor in many Boot and Buskin as well as Major Arcana productions.

“My time spent at Le Moyne has had a huge impact on what I’m doing now,” Pisano said. “It was during my countless hours at the PAC that I really became inspired to pursue acting as a career.”

As a military kid, Pisano moved a lot growing up, spending a lot of time living in Upstate New York but was born and raised in the South, mostly. Naturally, being accustomed to travelling and moving, the fall after graduating from Le Moyne, Pisano moved to London, England to begin a two year MFA Acting Program at East 15 Acting School.

“It was an incredible experience,” Pisano said, as she had the opportunity to work with incredible tutors and directors. Also, during this course, Pisano said that she trained and performed at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and took part in a one-month residency at The Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS) in Moscow, Russia.

For a few months now however, Pisano said that she has been back in America, more specifically, New York City. Her decision to relocate to New York stemmed from her recent involvement in a showcase with a group called Drama UK. Through this group, she found representation from a great management company in the city. As for what exactly she’s doing in NYC, Pisano simply said she’s hitting the pavement!

“As an actor starting out in a major city like New York you really have to get out and network as much as possible and keep yourself constantly working,” Pisano said. “I’m auditioning and meeting as many casting directors as I can, as well as joining forces with other actors I know here to collaborate on writing and producing our own work.”

As a blooming actor, Pisano has been involved in both plays and film. Her most notable works include a crazy cross-gendered adaptation of Macbeth in a West End theatre in London, A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe, Caryl Churchill’s A Mouthful of Birds, as well as the world premiere of Whistleblower in London’s Off West End. Pisano also added that she had been involved in a few short films as wells as some print modeling for a UK Jewelry Brand.

“I would love to stay in NY for a while,” Pisano said in relation to future plans. “It’s a great city and there is so much going on here in both the theatre and film industry.”

However, Pisano noted that, naturally, it’s in her blood to keep moving and that she would love any opportunity that enabled her to travel. As far as what she plans to do in the future, Pisano said that she’s unsure but she knows that theatre will always be a part of her life in one capacity or another.

Again, Pisano was truly inspired and affected by Le Moyne, more specifically, the PAC. In both the productions that she was in as well as her theatre classes, Pisano said that the faculty and students involved in the PAC really put their hearts and souls into creating art, which affected her greatly.

Pisano added that her studies in Communications/Film Productions also gave her so many useful skills that have helped her career now. Although, she went on to a conservatory style acting training, she is still very thankful for her liberal arts education.

“Whatever your specific career path may be it is so important to work out all aspects of your mind and explore different subjects,” Pisano said. “So much happens in four years and you do a lot of growing up – a lot of learning – in and out of the classroom.”

Pisano added that she is truly grateful to Le Moyne and for all her experiences while she was there, as they have made a lasting impression on who she is today.