Le Moyne Welcomes Esteemed Speakers for Economic Panel


This past Wednesday  Le Moyne was graced with a panel consisting of some of the more brilliant financial minds in the Northeast region. As part of the Madden Lecture Series, a panel was held to discuss “Jesuit Values and the New Finance.” The panel was held in part, according to Madden School of Business Dean Jim Joseph, to challenge conventional thinking in the business of investing. “Jesuit values bolster economies and create values,” said Joseph.

The three gentlemen who participated in the panel all brought a different financial aspect to the table. Martin Whitman, the namesake for the Whitman School of Business at Syracuse University, talked in-depth about how the different types of investing he regularly sees and offered tips on how to improve from a “speculative” investor to one with more depth to his/her investments.

On Whitman’s direct right sat Mike Madden, the man responsible for bringing the Madden School of Business to Le Moyne. Madden is the co-founder and managing partner of BlackEagle Partners, LLC. Along with being an alumna of Le Moyne’s class of 1971, Madden also donated $7 million dollars as part of the gift that allowed the Madden School to be built. Madden heavily emphasized the philosophy of his investing style which is to “change the outcome.”

The final member of the esteemed panel was Dr. Fernando Diz of Syracuse University.. He and Whitman combined to write the bestselling book, Modern Security Analysis: Understanding Wall Street Fundamentals. Diz was strong in his views that students need to learn how to avoid the common mistakes that lead to many bad investments.

President Linda LeMura was very optimistic about the direction the Madden School is heading in as a result of panels such as this one. “This represents Jesuit business education at its finest,” said LeMura.

Students were also excited about having such an elite group speak at their school. “Madden and Whitman will work together to make the northeast a powerhouse for business students in the near future,” remarked junior Ron Vaccaro.

Senior Michael Lyons was one of those students who took part in the Madden Series in New York City and thoroughly enjoyed his experience. “I think the lessons I learned in New York need to be shared with all of the other finance majors at Le Moyne,” said Lyons.

One of the primary topics Dr. Diz touched on during the panel was some of the new methodology behind investment and how it can be mutually beneficial for both the companies and investor. Specifically, Diz mentioned how being part of a Jesuit learning environment will give students the chance to be better off as future investors  because of how they are learning  to ask more questions and seek further knowledge than what is only on the surface.

Lyons agreed with this sentiment in saying, “A lot of people get caught up in the flashy ‘Wall Street’ thing and think that investing is this quick and easy way to make money, but Diz showed us that investing the way he taught can actually have a huge impact on a company and the people who work for it.”

Madden closed the night with remarks on how proud he is of how far the Madden School has come in such a short time, and how bright the school’s future is.

“I would say that the faculty, the administration, the engagement of this community, and most importantly, our students, have exceeded my wildest expectations,” said Madden.