Commuter? Introvert? Come on out!

Janna Herchenroder '14, Staff Writer

It is the end of the year! That means new resolutions to participate on campus for next semester. In order to participate, it really helps to know what there is on campus for you. Everywhere there is a flurry of activity: clubs are trying to fit in their end of the year celebrations and initiations. So it’s a great time to find out about the different clubs and meet all their members and officers.

The first meeting of the Student Government Association [SGA] with their new board, the Le Moyne Salamander publication, and the annual student reading are excellent ways to participate in Le Moyne’s community and to showcase your own talents.

The first meeting with the newly elected members of SGA was held Wednesday April 23, at 9 p.m. on the first floor of Grewen. The transfer of power occurred in the middle of this month, where the previous members stepped down and the new board members took over. Colleen Fagan, the new SGA president, headed the meeting, which mainly discussed the upcoming training and retreat for SGA members. To be held on campus, the retreat focuses on plans and goals for the upcoming year.

All regular SGA meetings are open to all students. It’s important to have student input so that the student government can adequately represent each class and plan events that you will want to attend. This is especially important for underclassmen, so you can have input on upcoming events. Unfortunately, the only attendees belonged to the SGA, but the club is trying to encourage more student attendance. They also receive input during certain events, many which take place at the campus Pub.

Ending the year on a good foot along with SGA is The Salamander, which experienced a year of firsts. The first annual Published Students Dinner was held on Thursday, April 24 at the Le Moyne College Pub with a very good turn out. Claire Kennedy, a senior, made the announcement that Kailey McDonald, a junior, will replace her as editor-in chief.  The Le Moyne College Salamander, the school’s yearly student publication was released that evening as well. All Le Moyne students have the opportunity to be published annually in The Salamander by submitting short fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photography. Generally submissions are due in early February to the editor of The Salamander.

The e-book is a new feature of this year’s Salamander. The online version of The Salamander will be available beginning Tuesday, April 29. This edition will include the photography in color, making 2014 the first year for color photography in the publication. The e-book can be accessed through Le Moyne’s creative writing website.

The annual Student Reading is a night of students supporting their fellow classmates as they showcase their creative talents. Held on Tuesday, April 29 in the Reilly Room by the creative writing department, this is an opportunity for all students to read their writing aloud. The creative writing department also holds other readings throughout the year, giving students many opportunities to hear published authors read and discuss their works. The student reading is the culmination of these readings.

Hopefully, you were able to attend some of these events; and if you were not, know that there are so many ways to experience the Le Moyne community. Commuter student or resident, these events are for you. These events are great ways to have a voice in campus events and get to know your talented fellow students. And, if nothing else draws you, refreshments are served at most events.