Pestello taking off, LeMura taking on: A timeline of events

Pestello taking off, LeMura taking on: A timeline of events

Aubrey Zych '14, Editor-in-Chief

Feb. 14 – Following a Board of Trustees meeting on campus, Dr. Fred Pestello tells Sharon Kinsman Salmon, Board of Trustees chair, that he is looking around at other colleges for opportunities, but nothing is serious yet.


Feb. 27 – Pestello and Salmon speak over the phone, when he tells her he is seriously being considered by another school. Moments later, Salmon receives another call from Dr. Linda LeMura letting her know she is one of three candidates being considered at La Salle University.


Feb. 28 – La Salle University makes an offer to LeMura giving her a deadline of March 2.


March 2 – Salmon hosts a meeting with the college’s executive committee over the phone with 14 college executives calling in.


March 3 – LeMura gets deadline to respond extended to 5 p.m. the next day. Salmon calls on the Board of Trustees for a full board conference discussion. The full board expressed their unanimous support and endorsement for LeMura. By the afternoon, LeMura declines the offer from La Salle.


March 20 – Pestello is offered position at St. Louis University.


March 21 – St. Louis University announces its new president, Dr. Fred Pestello. Salmon alerts the campus community of the announcement.


March 3 – March 28The board meets with numerous campus and community groups, including students, administrators, faculty and professors. The board also works to organize the process of appointing LeMura.


April 3 – Formal full Board meeting will take place at 6 p.m. to discuss input and feedback from meetings the previous week, put together a summary, take a formal vote, and announce the new president immediately after the meeting.


June 30  – Pestello’s position at Le Moyne officially ends.


July 1 – LeMura officially takes on role as president of Le Moyne. Pestello officially takes on role as St. Louis University’s new president.