E-cigarettes added to the list of products to get banned from campus in 2015

Molly McGuane '17, Staff Writer

Being implemented in 2015, all tobacco products will be prohibited from the Le Moyne College campus.  The decision was made by the President’s Cabinet after the Student Government Association proposed a Smoke Free Campus Resolution.  Among the banned items are “e-cigarettes” or electronic cigarettes which do not contain tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes are supposedly a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes, which are known to cause several preventable cancers. So why is the “healthier” alternative to cigarettes being prohibited on campus as well?

Cynthia Daniels, the nurse manager of the Health and Wellness Center at Le Moyne, says that the use of “e-cigarettes” is also potentially dangerous.

“[Electronic cigarettes] give off vapor instead of smoke,” Daniels said. “The liquid is nicotine and other chemicals.  Nicotine is very addicting and pure nicotine is poisonous.”

Since e-cigarettes have not been popular for long, the effects they may have in the long run are unclear.  “There are no safety labels or childproofing on the liquid refill packs which puts children and pets at risk.  E-cigarettes are also not marketed for therapeutic use and are currently unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration,” added Daniels.

Electronic cigarettes look similar to tobacco-cigarettes and use a device that turns liquid nicotine into vapor that can be inhaled.  Electronic cigarettes can be recharged and liquid nicotine is now being sold in different flavors.

Despite not knowing the long-term risks of e-cigarettes, there is research to suggest that they are helpful in nicotine replacement therapy and smoking cessation therapy to help adults quit smoking.

Cynthia Daniels says that the decision to go smoke-free has been supported by many across the campus.  “We as a campus community don’t consider this a ‘ban’.  This is a health conscious promotion for all,” Daniels mentioned.  “As many people know, cigarettes affect not only the person smoking, but also subjects others to second and third hand smoke.”

According to the Director of Security, John O’ Brien, the security department has not yet designed their policy of how they will be regulating the use of e-cigarettes and tobacco products.

The tobacco-free policy will officially go into place beginning July 1, 2015.