Murder suspects shaking up Baldwinsville

Amari D. Pollard '17, News and Features Editor

The debate over marijuana has been a prevalent topic throughout the United States, especially these past couple of years. It would seem as though this substance has climbed up the spectrum of importance and the crimes surrounding its use have become increasingly common [to the point where no one really seems surprised anymore].

However, last Monday, March 3, the Baldwinsville community was in an uproar with the news of three Baldwinsville teens accused of the burglary and the murder of 46-year-old Anthony J. Miller in Granby, NY.

Michael Celi [age 17], Glenwood Carr [16] and Zachary Scott [19] were all charged with second-degree murder and first-degree burglary of Miller’s mobile home on Feb. 2 after the Super Bowl. The men allegedly heard that Miller had an ounce of marijuana.

Disguised in ski masks and gloves, Celi [armed with a 10-inch knife] and Carr entered Miller’s home and were eventually joined by Scott, who was armed with a foot-long metal pipe.

Originally the three entered Miller’s home with the “sole purpose” of stealing his stash of marijuana, according to Celi’s statement. However, upon their entrance, Miller attacked Carr.

In defense, Celi attacked Miller with a hammer he found outside the mobile home. Following Celi’s attack, the fighting shifted towards him and Miller.

While fighting, Celi remembered the knife he had brought and took it out. While holding it, Miller proceeded to run into the knife, according to Celi.

After Miller removed the knife, he and Celi began to struggle for its possession. While each was pulling for the knife, it slipped out of Celi’s hand and lodged itself into Miller’s chest, Celi told police.

Miller died from this altercation and was found by some friends in his mobile home later that day.

In a town that rarely experiences murder, the community was easily shaken up by it.

Le Moyne sophomore and graduate from Baldwinsville’s C. W. Baker High School, Claire Monnat said: “It absolutely surprises me that kids from B’ville are suspects in a murder case, because B’ville is such a great town with really good people. It’s an awful thing, and it’s hard to believe people from our small town could do something like that.”

She continued: “However, I think it says less about Baldwinsville as a community and school district than it does about those specific individuals. B’ville’s a great town, and those individuals that did that [if they did] are just poor representatives.”

When speaking with other  Le Moyne students who went to Charles W. Baker High School in Baldwinsville with some of those charged, the unanimous feeling was shock.

Freshman Madeline Warren said she has known Scott since elementary school and knows Celi because his little brother is friends with her brother and lives down the street from her.

When talking about the situation she said: “I knew he [Scott] was a bad kid, but I never expected him to do anything this extreme! I find it really disturbing and sad that society has gotten increasingly worse when it comes to crimes involving drugs. So many young kids are getting involved with drugs and it’s ruining their lives and getting them into a lot of trouble.”

Agreeing with Warren, sophomore Brett Charbonneau remarked, “I know that there are lowlifes that go to B’ville, but I never expected anyone to rob for weed and furthermore kill for it.“

While the Baldwinsville community does not desire this kind of publicity, Brett reassures that, “The actions of these three boys does not reflect the Baldwinsville community as a whole. As with any community there are many upstanding citizens and then there are a few delinquents.”

The investigation into this incident is still ongoing. The three Baldwinsville men have been arrested and charged but have not yet gone to court or been tried.