Madden School of Business officially makes the dean transition


Alyssa Skerpon '14

Amari D. Pollard '17, News and Features Editor

Effective Mar. 1 James Joseph has stepped into the role as the permanent dean of the Madden School of Business. And as the Madden School of Business says hello to Dean Joseph, they also saying goodbye to Fr. David McCallum, S.J. who graciously served as its interim dean since the fall of 2012.

When reflecting on his time as interim dean, Fr. McCallum said, “For me, it has been a real honor and privilege to serve the college as its dean. It wasn’t a role I was looking for, and when the faculty asked me to take it up on their behalf, I thought they were crazy. Because as most people around here know, I do not have a business background, even though I teach leadership. Even so, this has been a great opportunity to be of service. It has also been a wonderful phase of the school’s history, so it feels like we’re at the foundation on things, and creating lots of new programs and opportunities for people, as well as building on all kinds of wonderful success from the past.”

Although his time as dean has ended, Fr. McCallum will still prove to be an important asset to the Madden School of Business as he continues to teach courses on leadership development within the Madden School, along with serving Le Moyne as it’s director of Mission and Identity.

In a letter to the Le Moyne community, Le Moyne’s provost, Dr. Linda LeMura, expressed her gratitude to Fr. McCallum for all that he has done as interim dean.

“I’m confident the school is in good hands and will continue to grow and prosper,” she said.

The Madden School of Business has evolved immensely over the years and has developed quite a name for itself, putting a bit of pressure on Joseph as he heads in to the role.

“There is always pressure when you’re following someone like Fr. McCallum, filling some pretty big shoes for sure,” Joseph said. “But I take this position with great humility and pride because I am a product of Le Moyne’s business program, when it wasn’t a school. And I am honored to be doing this.”

This fall, Mitchell Hall was given numerous renovations to create the new Madden School, not only in its appearance, but also in its facilities.

According to Dean Joseph, one of the biggest facets of the Madden School of Business’ transformation is its new cutting edge technology.

This technology includes a new trading center to help prepare students to work within the largest financial institutions in the world, and a business analytics lab, which stands as one of the few in the country that is tied to an undergraduate program.

While it’s easy to see the Madden School’s physical changes, it proves harder to see those occurring internally within the program, especially for those that are not personally a part of the business school.

“The number of opportunities that have been developed for experiential learning, especially for internships, for mentoring opportunities  and for those coming into the classroom from the community with work experience, have really deepened and enhanced student experiences,” Fr. McCallum said.

The Madden Mentor Program was mentioned in an article in CEO Magazine quoting Joseph saying the program will “aid students in seeing the world beyond their own education and experience, offer advice on how to navigate the professional world, and provide them with a support system as they are making important decisions about the future.”

“I also think that many of our students have taken opportunities to do international study, which has been fantastic as it widens their horizons,” McCallum added.

And with all of these changes, the Madden School of Business has been able to attract a 30 percent increase in student enrollment over the past year.

And these changes are just the beginning. When it comes to the Madden School physically, Joseph mentioned his excitement in regards to construction on the second floor of Mitchell Hall, which will receive complete repurposing. Fr. McCallum further explained, “There is a team learning lab that will be a great space for collaboration and interaction for our students, specifically in our leadership classes. We’ll also have a very open and dynamic collaborative space for entrepreneurship, and this will really be a space for more creativity than the typical classroom format. And there will be space for our three centers of excellence.”

While internally, the Madden School of Business intends to fulfill the vision it has for the future. Dean Joseph says that goal is to “become a nationally ranked business school in the U.S., a top 100 school; and we want to further the globalization of the school.”

According to Joseph, this vision can come true by taking advantage of the vast Jesuit network both nationally and internationally through creating partnerships. This will give students opportunities to learn all over the world.

In regards to his working relationship with Fr. McCallum, Dean Joseph clarified that collaborating is not always easy but the two have managed to work well together, even in such a difficult role.

“He [Fr. McCallum] has done an incredible job, and he was doing two jobs,” Joseph said. “It’s been fun working with him.”

“We really do have a really good rapport,” McCallum added. “It really has been fun.”

And naturally they are in agreement that this is just the beginning for The Madden School of Business. Or as Dean Joseph likes to say, they are “open for business.”