Everything you need to know about the new Purple Briefcase site

Amari D. Pollard '17, Asst. News and Features Editor

Le Moyne campus has seen its fair share of Purple Briefcase promotional flyers the past couple of weeks. And even though most advertisements mention it is a job management system, many students are still uninformed about its overall purpose.

Purple Briefcase is a centralizing solution that works towards “connecting students, career, and industry experts, as well as school administration together, providing a methodology to career management with a social learning center,” according to Purple Briefcase founder Brian Keenan.

Its main purpose is to provide students with a deeper knowledge of the working industry, prepare them for their future careers and get them noticed by employers.

Finding a job is easily viewed as both an art form and a science in today’s society, and like many other complex facets of life this process requires some type of guidance in order to “emerge as the perfect candidate, one that every employer wants.” Purple Briefcase is believed to offer those searching for some direction with the best philosophy to do so.

Patricia Bevans, the Director of Career Advising and Development, described Purple Briefcase as: “an online career preparation platform that’s sort of based on social media, on the idea that students in this generation always have their devices on them. And so, whether it’s their iPhone or tablet they can access this career preparation platform readily through Wi-Fi or what not. And it’s a series of videos and information that will help students be more prepared as they begin to think about what they want to do for a career and help them as they prepare for interviews.”

With a slogan like “Get noticed, be prepared,” this management system is all about training students for entering the workforce before and after graduation.

From a glance, it is easy to assume Purple Briefcase is a knockoff version of LinkedIn, but in fact, the two sites are partners. Purple Briefcase encourages people to link the two sites together so they can take full advantage of all the site has to offer.

Bevans clarifies that LinkedIn is “more of a professional network. It’s a way for you to connect with people in professions that you’re interested in pursuing.

She added that “Purple Briefcase is based on providing people with resources on how to help you have meaningful conversations with the people that you connect with on LinkedIn; how to ask for advice about a job. It’s more of the education behind how to be successful in your career exploration.”

Even though all the features of the Purple Briefcase are highly advised, the question of “Why should students use the Purple Briefcase” may still remain.

Well according to Bevans: “We’ve found that students wait until they’re looking for a job or internship to start their career exploration process. We’re hoping that Purple Briefcase will allow students to be more prepared earlier; and so a student who may be in their sophomore year who may not be thinking about a career yet but is maybe thinking of a summer internship can log on to Purple Briefcase with no pressure, no requirement to come make an appointment with a career counselor, and begin to learn about themselves, and begin to learn about what they need to do to be a successful job candidate.

Purple Briefcase prides itself on being able to connect student, career, and industry experts. With the forum feature on the site it is easy for members to get a conversation started. Bevans gives an example of, “a student can post a question. They can say: I have an interview tomorrow but I really don’t know how to answer one of the questions. What’s your greatest weakness?” And then other members can proceed to respond.

“The idea is that 24 hours a day, seven days week, you can get career advice and guidance from your peers and administration,”states Bevans. The system is not meant to replace anything offered in the Career Advising and Development center. It is intended to compliment the services they offer and prepare student before they reach out to their office.

For more information on Purple Briefcase, visit purplebriefcase.com or Lemoyne.edu. And listen for a Purple Briefcase event being held on March 6th in The Pub, hosted by the Career Advising and Development center in conjunction with LSPB.