Seniors celebrate 100 nights until graduation in style


Allison Herholtz and Dan Ford giving the senior toast

Andreya Matthews '14, Staff Writer

Inside the rented school bus is dark with only the red glow of the exit sign, and you can barely hear yourself think, because some, more than others, are extra excited and bellowing out, “Class of 2014!” “Whoo!” “Turn it up!” or “Turn down for what?!” Then, on the right hand side of the highway, it appears in the dark sky like a star: a big neon, red T and S. Yes, the bus has finally arrived at Turning Stone Resort Casino.

For seniors, it’s now 100 nights until graduation – only 100 nights –  and it is time to celebrate.

This year 100 nights took place last Saturday Feb. 8 in the Oneida Room at Turning Stone. Over 300 seniors, along with their guests, attended the event. Members of the Campus Life and Leadership Office, the Student Development office, and the Senior Week Committee planned the event.

“This event is planned by a group of individuals, it is not a sole person who coordinates the event,” said Beth Griffith, area director of Foery Hall and the moderator for the Le Moyne Student Programing Board [LSPB].

She added, “It takes a team to put an event like this on.  Campus Life and Leadership hopes that everyone has a great time!”

Upon entering, students over 21 were given one free alcoholic drink ticket to redeem at the cash bar. Non-alcoholic drinks were free to students. In addition to that, there was a photo booth equipped with various accessories, a large dance floor, limited tables and a bar.

The tickets cost $20 in order to pay for all that the night offered, which included the venue, transportation, appetizers, décor and the DJ.

During the event, students Dan Ford [‘14], Co-Chair of LSPB, and Allison Herholtz [’14], President of the Student Government Association (SGA), gave a toast to the seniors, who were then doused in colorful confetti.

The majority of seniors seemed to have had fun, but some thought the food options could have been a little better.

“I thought it was a great celebration of our final days at Le Moyne before graduation,” said senior Andria Hutter.” I loved the picture booth, and that it was at the casino. Wish there was more and different food.”

All in all, the night was filled with dancing, loads of pictures, a couple of broken glass cups on the floor that thankfully did not harm anyone and, most importantly, wonderful memories.