Tips to getting a spring internship

Sarah Liberati, Career Advising and Development Office Intern

Now is the time to actively get searching for spring internships! Here are our five tips for getting internships:


1. Le Moyne Leads: Just long on through and search by major, position type, job category and many more. So much is offered there; begin your search!

2. Network: Talk to people; someone you know may have an idea of an offering for you. Faculty and staff are great advisors for this, along with career advisors!

3. Write a remarkable resume: Don’t just use the same resume for jobs; target your resume to what the employer is looking for. If you haven’t done this yet, set up a resume meeting in the Career Advising Office. That’s what we’re here for!

4. Search the web: Some great websites we recommend for internship searches are:,,

5. Practice your interviewing skills: Come in and set up a mock-interview with a career advisor so you can be the best of the best on that day.


For any questions and for more tips on internships or jobs, stop by the Career Advising and Development Office in Reilly 344.