Security to hold educational programs for faculty in case of an on-campus shooter

Amari D. Pollard '17, Staff Writer

The topic of on-campus safety has been sweeping through Le Moyne College in recent weeks, causing students to really ponder how effective our campus security would prove to be in the case of an emergency, especially as they do not carry firearms.

Le Moyne security has already begun conducting educational awareness programs for faculty and staff to enlighten them on the actions necessary in case of a potential on-campus shooting.

“The active shooter training program is really focusing on getting this community to start thinking about what we do if there is an active shooter on campus,” associate director of security Mark Petterelli said. “Especially since this low-probability event has high consequences.”

Since the programs have been underway, some have been under the false impression that campus security is offering sessions to faculty on how to shoot a gun properly. However, all the safety programs concentrate on educating the Le Moyne population for potential crises.

The Le Moyne campus is a gun-free zone, and campus security would like to keep it that way. In fact, security is so dedicated to communicating this message that they insist on not carrying firearms around campus.

When it comes to the student population, that factor may raise a lot of concerns in the way they view their safety on campus, especially if an emergency was to happen. A small survey taken of students on campus found that a majority of the students would feel more at ease if security were armed.

“I would like the idea of having people in the building who could protect me if something like an armed attack were to happen,” graduate student Amanda Cizenski said.

The feeling amongst most of the questioned students is one of slight discomfort. They feel unsure of how practical that decision is since it seems difficult to imagine how security would defend the people of Le Moyne against an active shooter. Many agree that it is not necessary for all of campus security to be armed, but it would be more reassuring if some were.

However, not all students feel the same way.

“It makes the campus feel safer, and if they were to carry firearms, it might put everyone a little more on edge,” freshman Jonathan Martial said. He added that he’s confident in Le Moyne’s campus security and the police force that works closely with them to prepare for potential threats.

For any security questions or in case of an emergency, students can call 445-4444 any hour of the day.