Dolphins are smart: surviving the first test

Many of you will be facing your first tests of the semester this week, so here are some ways to help with the exam prep!


1. Plan ahead. Look at your syllabus and make a study schedule for every test. Then, plan what day you will start reviewing the material. Depending on the course, you can start exam prep only a week and half before the exam. If you have a lot of chapters to review, schedule one chapter per night. Break it up and avoid cramming!


2. Ask questions! If you start exam prep early, you give yourself extra time to ask the professor questions and find out what type of test it is going to be (multiple choice, essay, etc). Also, it gives you time to create a study group or to find a study buddy.


3. Create a plan for the exam. Once you determine what type of test it is going to be, consider how much time you will have and make a plan of attack. Knowing the details of the test will help you divide your time efficiently. Remember to ask the professor what types of questions he or she will ask. For example: Should you know who said a specific line in a novel, or should you just know the general themes?


4. Get a good night sleep the night before. Everything is harder and more stressful when you are tired. Be good to your brain and body and catch some solid Z’s before the big test. This should be possible since you have spread out your studying and you avoided cramming. Try to get seven to eight hours of rest the night before and wake up in time to eat a good breakfast.