Meet the SGA’s newest president: Allison Herholtz

Photo submitted by Allison Herholtz.

Photo submitted by Allison Herholtz.

Marc Murdoch '14, News and Features Editor

Allison Herholtz [‘14] assumed the role of president for the Student Government Association at the beginning of this semester, in accordance with their constitution, when the elected president stepped down due to a large number of other responsibilities. Though she may feel confident in her abilities, it is natural for the rest of campus to wonder how she will perform in her new role. To help calm fears, she has provided answers to some questions her fellow students may be wondering.


Q. What is your major, and what would you like to do with it after you graduate?

A.  I am a marketing and business analytic major with a minor in communications. I am looking to go into the field of marketing research. Primarily working with people in focus groups.


Q.   How long have you been with SGA?

A. I have been with SGA since my sophomore year. I started out as a representative that year as well as junior year.


Q.  What interested you in SGA at the beginning?

A. I really care about Le Moyne, and I wanted to be a part of making the changes that students deem necessary.


Q. Do you have any fears about being president?

A. The only thing I am really worried about is making time for everything this semester. I am taking six classes and balancing working a job at Wegmans, but I am sure I can handle it.


Q.   What do you think your best strength is for SGA?

A. I think one of the strengths I bring to SGA is my passion, and energy!


Q. What event, program or legislation are you looking forward to the most?

A. I am looking forward to Spirit Wednesday becoming a bigger part of campus, and a tradition that hopefully will carry on at Le Moyne after I graduate.


Q.  What is SGA planning to do within the next month?

A. For the next month, we are following up on some things last year that we started such as improved lighting and crosswalk signs. We are also hosting the annual Veterans Day Roll Call in the Den on Veteran’s Day. We also will be finalizing the spots for the positions in SGA that are not filled, as well as breaking off into our committees and setting more goals for the semester.


Q.  What are SGA’s goals and plans for the semester as a whole?

A. For the semester, we are focusing on what the students think needs improving in and around campus. One of the major proposals we are going to be working on are steps from the AA lot up near the Jesuit Residence [helpful to commuters who have class in the Madden School of Business as well as those residence of the Town Houses/Mitchell who want to utilize the Athletic Center].


Q.  How can the student body help you and SGA achieve these goals?

A. SGA is really the main link from students here, to the administration so the more input we receive from the student body, the better.


Herholtz wanted to remind the student body that the SGA can be reached in several different ways and is always open to student input. The SGA can be contacted by email at [email protected], on Facebook at or by attending their weekly meetings on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. in Grewen Hall 101.