30 things to do instead of study for finals

Aubrey Zych, Co-News & Features Editor

In just a few short days, the entire Le Moyne community will go from the usually cool, calm and collected students living the jesuit dream, to psycho maniacs straight out of Pandora’s box, running around throwing textbooks in the air. Finals week is back again to ruin everyone’s lives, sanity and transcripts. Freshmen will finally discover where the library is located on campus, seniors will pump their bodies with every last drop of coffee in hopes of passing that one last philosophy class and professors will laugh in glee as they practice writing giant red F’s on every scrap of paper that comes their way.

Most students agree, finals week is the worst week of the semester. Very few students enjoy the long nights in the library, making up for the entire semester’s worth of reading in one day or digging through their desks and book bags for a sharpened No. 2 pencil. Sure, coffee, SparkNotes and getting enough sleep will all help make finals go a little smoother… But there’s only one way to keep work from stressing you out entirely – not doing it.


Go the library and talk on the phone about how much your boyfriend sucks. Everyone will love you.

Make an Instagram page; take pictures of everything you eat and every sunset you see. Use extra filters.

Sign up for Netflix and start watching a new TV series.

YouTube search “bath salts.”

Ticket all of the Le Moyne security cars on campus.

Warm up from the chilly weather with a nice textbook bonfire.

Look at embarrassing Facebook pictures of yourself from 9th grade.

Hang up signs around campus that say there’s free coffee at your least favorite professor’s office.

Sell antibiotics to freshmen and say it’s Adderall.

Go on Imgur and never leave.

Shop online. It is the holiday season after all.

Steal all of the cafeteria plates back from the PAC.

TP the Eric Dolphy statue.

Take a piggy-back ride on the Eric Dolphy statue.

Have a heart-to-heart with the Eric Dolphy statue.

Make out with the Eric Dolphy statue.

Tweet about your experiences with the Eric Dolphy statue.

Get a Zonie at 4 a.m. Sober.

Ask that cute guy/girl in your history class out on a date. Do it.

Spend a day at DestinyUSA.

Go Christmas caroling alone.

Buy a swimsuit on sale in a size too small. Aim high, then cry next spring.

Get a tattoo… on your butt.

Hang out with Josh in the Den.

Read all of the Outstanding Student Profiles around the academic buildings and realize you will never be one of them.

Watch the DVD screen saver until it hits the corner.

Write Santa a letter.

Start a flashmob in the library.

See how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth… and other parts of your body.

Register for J-mester courses after failing all of your finals.