Construction to hit the ground running this summer

Aubrey Zych, Staff Writer


While students are heading home for a summer of relaxation, the construction on campus will be in full-force, taking on three major construction projects for the upcoming fall.

The first project, and seemingly the biggest renovation, will be the reconstruction of the west and east wings of the Coyne Science Center.

According to Jim Dishaw, senior director of facilities management and planning, the renovations will include all new mechanicals, new water sources and new and improved classrooms. The renovations will also tie in the new science center so that both buildings are physically connected. Doing so will also create one centralized structure.

“Right now we have two science buildings,” Dishaw said. “Our goal is to have the two science buildings become one, centralized and unique complex.”

The renovations will correlate with the new science building by constructing walls completely made of plant-life and greenery, building new water-saving sources and creating a more “new, technologically advanced, and eco-friendly building.”

Dishaw stated that while the renovations will be major, everything is expected to be completed for student use in the fall.

Along with the improved science center, students can also look forward to a newly renovated dining hall.

According to Dishaw, the dining hall will get rid of the “typical cafeteria look” and take on a more restaurant-oriented feel. The new cafeteria will consists of five different “restaurants” for students to choose from.

The final renovation the college plans to take on this summer is a completely new softball field.

Currently, the softball field, located behind the athletic complex, has been experiencing problems with water drainage, which is interfering with the team’s practices and games.

“It’ll rain, and two days later the field is still soaked,” Dishaw stated. “It’s not an adequate field to say the least.”

The new field will be located next to the athletic complex, adjacent to the turf field.

According to Dishaw, it will include more appropriate seating, holding up to 400 people, and will feature handicap accessible seats. It will also include a new scoreboard and a new sound system, pending approval by the town of DeWitt.

Dishaw concluded that while the construction team has a big schedule ahead of them, all renovations are expected to be completed before the arrival of students in late August.