From the Archives

Each week we will reprint an old article from a past Dolphin issue. The following article was published on May 16, 1963. 


The Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program has been in operation at Le Moyne for the past year. During that time the Freshmen have been subjected to all the tests which the Marines go through.

The administration of this program has been in the hands of the Athletic Department. Thomas Niland, Athletic Director, said that the administration is very pleased with the results seen so far. The program is here to stay as far as the College is concerned.

The students, especially the ones in the below average fitness groups, are not pleased with the program as the administration is. They don’t particularly like the scheduling of repeated calisthenics.

Fred Speaks

Fred Pfeifer, one of the freshmen in the lowest group, expressed this opinion to The Dolphin. “It’s funny,” he said about the program. Fred was the lowest of the freshmen in the first test, rising to 6th lowest on the second test, and failing to last again on the last test.

“It was that shuttle race which did the job,” explains Fred of his slip to last. “Actually I wasn’t last. Somebody threw the test so I wouldn’t retain my title.”

In a more serious vein, however, Fred thought that the program is a good idea, but a nuisance for those taking it three times a week. The hustling back and forth from class to gym makes for a not too great appreciation by some of the students.

“The only ones the program helps are those who want to be helped.” For the student who wants to loaf through the exercises, the whole program is a complete waste of time.

Chuck Disagrees

One of the freshmen who differs with the general opinion is Chuck Desmond. Chuck is a high scorer on all three of the tests. He thinks the program is a good idea for the students.

However, even Chuck thinks that the repeated testing is a waste of effort. The test early in the fall, when no one is in shape, is another complaint.

The frosh as a class are not generally in favor of the program. Those with labs for long stretches who have to take gym three times a week find the entire program an inconvenience. They don’t have either the interest or the desire for a concentrated program so frequently.

Less Regimentation

Fred Pfeifer thinks the frosh would be a great deal happier if the regimentation was taken out of the program. If each student had the opportunity to pursue a program of his own under the guidance of the Athletic Dept., there would probably be a lot more interest in the idea of a physically fit Le Moyne freshmen.

The Administration is happy, the students mostly lukewarm. The results are encouraging. How the program will fare next year is still debatable. But the students will have another chance to become physically fit after the long, luxurious summer holidays.