Student Government committees present their cases

Aubrey Zych, Staff Writer


The Student Government Association met on Wednesday, Feb. 22, to discuss the progress of each of the group’s three committees: the smoke-free campus committee, the central mail room committee and the general maintenance committee.

Each committee was created at the beginning of the spring semester and consists of SGA members with opposing opinions about the committee’s causes. Committee members are responsible for reaching out to other students for their opinions, researching other college campuses with similar missions and creating a well-rounded plan to fit the needs and wants of the students at Le Moyne.

Led by junior SGA member Jules Shelton, the smoke-free campus committee presented its progress and student feedback. According to Shelton, the students they had spoken to were not particularly responsive to the idea of a completely smoke-free campus. However, many students wished to see the current “50-foot rule” better enforced. Committee members are currently researching other colleges’ smoking policies for ideas on how to enforce the current rule.

Junior committee members and RAs Nour el Houda Sahraoui and Anthony Petrosky plan to meet with other RAs to set up floor meetings with residents to hear their input.

Furthermore, Sahraoui announced that she invited Anne Kearney, director of the college’s Wellness Center for Health and Counseling, to speak with the SGA about smoking on campus.

“She can give us exact numbers about how many students are smoking and how many students it’s actually affecting,” Sahraoui explained. “It will give us a better visual for how important the issue really is.”

The next committee to present its case was the central mailing room committee. According to SGA secretary and central mailing room committee member junior Erica White, the committee would like a central mailing room in the Campus Center, a common place where almost every student goes everyday.

Currently, there is a shortage of mailboxes on campus, so much so that some students are required to share a mailbox with up to 10 people.

“It’s unlawful to have another person’s mail touching yours,” explained White. “Students shouldn’t have to share a mailbox and risk losing their mail or getting things stolen.”

However, because of the high costs that would be involved with installing a mail room and giving each student a mailbox, the committee has had a hard time pleading its case. All the same, members were adamant to defend their cause.

Committee members noted that according to College Board, 50 percent of Le Moyne students commute, reducing the number of mailboxes in half, to roughly 1,500.

Krystal Ashey, a freshman representative and central mail room committee member, suggested taking the mailboxes out of Dablon Hall to spend less on new ones.

SGA academic affairs chair Emily Ianno, a sophomore, also suggested a lounge be included with the new mail room, which would create “more initiative for students to go to the new room and take advantage of it,” making the room worth the expense.

White finished the committee’s presentation to SGA members by stating that the committee will continue to discuss locations, costs and details in the weeks to follow.

Lastly, the general maintenance committee, which is responsible for any internal problems and issues, shared information with members regarding fall student government elections.

SGA Comptroller Sebastian Notaro stated that nominations for all positions will be held in the Campus Life and Leadership Office from March 19 until March 23. Executive and committee elections will be held on Wednesday, March 28 and class representative elections will be on March 29.

For more information regarding the smoke-free campus, the central mailing room and the upcoming elections, visit the SGA’s website at The SGA also welcomes all students to its meetings every Wednesday at 9 p.m. in 408 Grewen Hall.