SGA welcomes new members and discusses 220

Aubrey Zych, Staff Writer


The Student Government Association (SGA) met on Wednesday, Feb. 8 to welcome its newest members, discuss changes to its constitution and meet with members of 220 Student Ministries.

The group welcomed two new sophomore representatives, Hannah Miles and Laura Nicolais, and a new junior representative, Shaneeke Bascoe. These representatives were chosen by their classmates in elections that took place online last Tuesday, Feb. 7.

Following introductions, members discussed two new changes to their constitution. SGA Comptroller Sebastian Notaro explained the different changes to members.

First and foremost, all voting for student representatives will now be done electronically, online at Notaro explained that this method has proven to be a much easier and efficient way to reach a greater majority of students.

Secondly, the Multicultural Chair, a position currently held by junior Nour el Houda Sahraoui, was renamed the Diversity Chair, now including not only students of different ethnicities, but also extra-need students and those with disabilities.

After clearing up the general maintenance work, members met with representatives from the newest Bible study group on campus, 220 Student Ministries.

Two weeks ago, 220 presented its constitution to SGA members in hopes of becoming an official club at Le Moyne. However, after much debate, their constitution was tabled, and they were asked to make several changes.

220 co-presidents Erin Marshall and Ryan Krahmer presented their case to SGA members, outlining the changes they had made, their intentions for the group and their goals for the semester.

After much dispute and changes to the constitution, the SGA voted in favor, although not unanimously, of recognizing 220 Student Ministries as an official club at Le Moyne. The club has already presented its budget to the Organizational Finance Review Committee (OFRC) and is now pending approval from Dr. Deborah Cady Melzer, vice president for Student Development.

In the weeks to come, the Student Government Association will begin implementing plans for the smoke-free campus and the central mail room.

If you would like to voice your opinion, ask a question or get more information, members can be contacted through their website at, or by attending their weekly meetings every Wednesday at 9 p.m. in 408 Grewen Hall.