Students have options after Shire closes


Christopher Gariglio, Staff Writer

This past fall, the Dewittshire Tavern, known more commonly to students as the Shire, poured its last order of Keystone in a plastic cup and announced its last call. The former bar, which was located on Erie Boulevard near Delmonico’s, was shut down due to a loss of interest from its owner.
The Shire has been a staple in the Le Moyne College social scene for many years. Many students carried on a tradition of stopping by after their Tuesday festivities to enjoy a cold dollar cup of Keystone. However, with every ending comes a new beginning.
Soon enough, Le Moyne College students will be able to hit up a new bar down the hill. DJ’s on the BLVD is expected to become the new off-campus bar for Le Moyne College students. DJ’s on the BLVD hopes to be as convenient and entertaining to Le Moyne students as the Shire once was.
The new owner, Dean Whittles, is also the owner of DJ’s on the Hill, a favorite spot for Syracuse University students to enjoy a few drinks and relax.
Although DJ’s on the BLVD will be located right where the Shire once stood, its business will be different. Yes, the drinks will still be cheap, ‘80s rock music will most likely be playing, and the majority of customers will be Dolphins, while still throwing in a few locals. However, it won’t have the sticky floors, moldy walls and odor for which the Shire was known, nor will it have that one box TV that only gets five channels.
DJ’s on the BLVD will have live music, along with multiple large-screen televisions to watch sporting events. There will also still be a regular trivia night for students to win prizes and enjoy friendly competition with their classmates.
A fully remodeled interior and a kitchen that will be provided by the popular Cheeburger Cheeburger chain are some other things to get excited about for DJ’s on the BLVD.
Current Le Moyne College student, Jay Morgese is helping promote DJ’s on the BLVD and build business for DJ’s among Le Moyne students. He will also be in charge of hosting events such as trivia night and bringing in the live music.
Morgese feels that DJ’s on the BLVD will have no problem winning over the hearts of Le Moyne students, since students will still need a place to relax and hang out off campus.
“Students will be sold as soon as they see the great environment provided, and along with the drink specials being offered that may be better than the Shire,” Morgese said.
He went on to say the environment is expected to feel more like a sports bar, rather than a dive bar.
In addition to DJ’s on the BLVD, Le Moyne College students will eventually have the option of the highly anticipated on-campus bar, scheduled to open in the spring.
Students will soon have two options as to where to go to enjoy a cold beer or a fine Captain and Coke.