SGA sets plans for the rest of the semester

Aubrey Zych, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) met on Wednesday, Nov. 9, to organize ideas, adjust any internal problems and finalize its plans for the rest of the semester. Members agreed on two distinct projects to have completed before students return home for winter break: the smoke-free campus proposal and the creation of a central mailing room.

Members split up into three different panels: one for the smoke-free campus proposal, one for the central mailing room and the last to work on any maintenance within the SGA.

The smoke-free panel, which consisted of students who are both for and against the idea, will be responsible for researching the idea further and creating a proposal that will fit the needs of all students. Members of this panel will consider other smoke-free colleges and the opinions of students, both smokers and non-smokers, as well as faculty members to create a general consensus. The goal is to then implement a plan that will satisfy most students.

Likewise, the panel for the central mailing room will focus on researching the best means of creating a new system for students to receive mail on campus. Panel members will consider the costs of installation and maintenance, possible locations and the best way to organize the facility.

Members will also research other college campuses with central mailing rooms and consider what has or has not worked in the past. By the end of the semester, members of this panel will have a firm plan to make receiving mail on campus easier than ever.

The maintenance panel will be responsible for dealing with any other issues or concerns that come to the attention of the SGA between now and the end of the semester.

Members are hopeful that with separate panels fully focused on each idea, definite plans will be finalized and implemented by winter break.

With two major projects underway, there is no better time to voice your opinion to the SGA. Members meet each Wednesday at 9 p.m. in the Corcoran Lounge in the Campus Center. You can also contact the SGA through their website at