SGA discusses dining on campus

Aubrey Zych, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Oct. 26, Jim Toczydlowski, a manager of Sodexo for Le Moyne dining, met with members from the Student Government Association (SGA) to resolve ongoing issues and complaints regarding the food services at Le Moyne.

Members of SGA have been discussing problems in dining at the past few meetings, and presented Toczydlowski with their biggest concerns.

Some of the issues mentioned include: the long waits for food in the Dolphin Den, a lack of fresh coffee available in the evenings and chicken patties replacing the healthier grilled chicken option. These were all issues that Toczydlowski said should never happen.

He promised to speak with different dining staff members to make sure tighter rules were in place, and that these problems do not happen again.

However, SGA members also mentioned that there are not enough food options for those students with special dietary needs. Many members agreed that different options should be available for vegetarians, vegans, and students with food allergies.

Likewise, some members also suggested better identification for different foods so that students with food allergies would not be put at risk. Toczydlowski made note of all suggestions and assured members that he would look into possible solutions.

Another issue brought to Toczydlowski’s attention was the concern over how much food was going to waste at the end of each day. Toczydlowski assured members that extra food at the end of semesters and before long breaks was donated to charities and food pantries.

However, at the end of each day, any food that could have been touched by a student must be thrown out to keep all food fresh and sanitary.

“We try to save and reuse as much [food] as we can, but we also have rules to follow,” said Toczydlowski.

At this meeting, members also proposed a resolution to install permanent soap dispensers and electronic hand dryers in all dormitory bathrooms. Members stated that this addition would be an easy preventative measure to decrease the spread of germs and illnesses around campus.

As always, the SGA would like to hear students’ thoughts and answer questions. They can be contacted through their website at