Jen Marlowe presents talk on humanity and non-violence

Aubrey Zych, Staff Writer

Jen Marlowe presented a talk based on her recent book “The Hour of Sunlight: One Palestinian’s Journey from Prisoner to Peacemaker” on Thursday, Oct. 27, in Grewen Auditorium.

Marlowe’s talk was filled with video footage, stories and quotes that focused on nonviolent resistance to oppression in Palestine. Marlowe shared experiences from her travels and missions overseas and explained the poor living conditions of families surrounded by war and violence.

She described people in the poorest living conditions who refuse to include violence in their lives.  Many whose lives were destroyed by war made the decision to resist violence and remain peacemakers despite the war that surrounds them.

Likewise, Marlowe also connected her experiences overseas to issues happening right here in the United States.  Marlowe shared the story of Troy Davis, a Georgia prisoner who was imprisoned for years and eventually executed by lethal injection, and his family’s resistance and nonviolent approaches of protest to the state of Georgia, even after their son’s death.

Along with her stories, Marlowe shared short documentary footage that showed the audience just how poor the living conditions are for some families in Palestine. Marlowe showed the audience the number of deaths in Palestine due to war and how families in the worst situations were able to remain peaceful and at ease.

Copies of “The Hour of Sunlight” were sold after the talk, and can be found in many bookstores.