Student Government seeking more student input

Aubrey Zych, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) held a forum in Grewen Auditorium on Wednesday, Oct. 19, in addition to its regular weekly meeting. This event was intended to allow students to express their opinions, ask questions, and suggest new ideas to their elected student officials.

However, attendance was minimal, leaving the members of SGA to make the final decisions regarding certain issues on campus.

First and foremost, by a vote of 18-1, members agreed to write a proposal that would call for the removal of trays from the cafeteria during certain meal hours. The plan to remove the trays began in an effort by the SGA to make Le Moyne a more eco-friendly campus. Advocates explained that removing the trays would result in a 32 percent waste elimination, as well as cost savings.

However, SGA members acknowledged that this change has the potential to upset some students who enjoy having the convenience of a tray. Members discussed alternative ideas, including the use of larger plates, which would enable students to take more food, while still eliminating excess dishes to wash. Members will begin looking into different options as to fit all students’ needs.

The SGA also discussed the idea of becoming a smoke-free campus — an idea brought forth last week by Le Moyne College President Fred Pestello. Many members agreed that, while most students would benefit from a smoke-free campus, it was too soon to make a definite decision as they hope to have student input before finalizing anything.

Finally, the SGA proposed the idea of putting two more statues on campus. The statues would be a dolphin fountain and a statue of Saint Ignatius. Members collaborated about what the statues should look like, where each should be placed, and what each should feature.

Some suggestions included placing the dolphin fountain behind Grewen Hall, surrounding it with heated stairs, and including references to Sicily, where Le Moyne gets its dolphin mascot. Although no definite plan is set thus far, members expressed excitement about beginning fundraising and planning its production.

Even after a disappointing turnout to their forum on Wednesday, the SGA is still seeking student input with regards to Le Moyne’s issues and productions. With so many changes in the works on campus, the SGA encourages all students to reach out and voice their opinions.

The SGA meets every Wednesday in the Corcoran Lounge at 9 p.m, and can also be contacted through their website at