Take 6 rocks Syracuse


Maggie Conley, Staff Writer

The group teamed up with Le Moyne’s own a cappella ensemble, Fermata Nowhere


Months of anticipation and excitement led up to last Saturday’s musical event featuring Take 6, an a cappella group of six extremely talented male vocalists. Eight months of planning went into bringing the highly sought-after group to Le Moyne’s music community and it all came to fruition with a sold-out crowd and a hoppin’ Holy Cross Church.

Two other groups opened for Take 6, the first was Le Moyne’s very own a cappella group, Fermata Nowhere. Fermata Nowhere performed two song favorites, “Firework” by Katy Perry and “Lullaby” by Josh Groban.

McKenzie Aviza, soloist for “Lullaby,” did a superb job with a smooth and beautiful tone in her voice. Jessie Gherardi likewise did a fantastic job as the soloist for “Firework,” while Devon Barrett beatboxed like no one’s business. In just two songs, the group provided chills, thrills and soaring harmonies, proving to be an all-around entertaining experience.

After a showcase from the Syracuse Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, the entire audience was in high spirits for the lead act and Take 6 did not disappoint. Each singer brought something special to the overall group. They are talented individuals, but when mixed together, the result is harmonious bliss.

The musical style was, in a way, a mix of R&B with a twinge of gospel and even some pop and blues thrown in. The group performed a mixture of fun and upbeat songs along with one or two soulful and spiritual songs. The singers all had a massive vocal range, reaching both the highest tenor notes and the lowest bass notes with ease. The beatboxing was so impressive, one might have mistaken it for actual instrumentation.

Take 6 is so unique that it’s hard to put a finger on what specifically makes them, well, rock. The members of the group genuinely look like they love what they’re doing and their love for music is contagious. The audience stood up and applauded numerous times during the show and loved the group so much they even called for an encore, which Take 6 joyfully returned to fulfill.

Not only are the six individuals the epitome of smooth and classy, but they are also quite the comical musicians. Throughout all the songs, they entertained everyone with a few choreographed dance moves and displayed chemistry with one another that made the concert that much better.

Take 6 really catered to how the audience was feeling that night and made the event a fun, foot-tapping concert. It was a unique concert experience unlike any other and hopefully Le Moyne won’t have to “take six” chances before booking them again.