Student Government discusses School of Business

Aubrey Zych, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) met on Wednesday, Sept. 21, to introduce the new freshmen representatives, re-introduce old members, and discuss the possibilities for a School of Business, as well as other plans for the academic year.

Following introductions, the SGA announced Le Moyne’s plans to create a School of Business for the college.

Le Moyne currently has a Division of Management, which includes classes in accounting, applied management analysis, finance, information systems, management and leadership, and marketing.

By creating a School of Business, there will be greater emphasis on business classes, which will allow students to specialize in their areas of interest, such as sports marketing or human resources.

Administration is working diligently with professors and students to make this addition as successful as possible.

After this announcement, the Sustainability Committee followed up on its progress in removing trays from the cafeteria. While the plan still has not been finalized, members spoke with several employees in the cafeteria, who agreed the trays should be removed.

The committee plans to set up a meeting with those in charge of the cafe, and have the trays removed as soon as possible.

If all goes as planned, trays will no longer be available on the weekends, in the morning for breakfast and at night for dinner, when the lines are not especially long. The trays will remain in the cafeteria during the week for busy lunch hours.

Lastly, the SGA discussed the exciting new rivalry in sports between Le Moyne College and the College of Saint Rose in Albany.

The rivalry, which was just created this year, is called the Upstate Challenge. The rivalry is intended to boost school spirit, while also giving greater meaning to each game Le Moyne plays, specifically those against St. Rose.

The next Upstate Challenge game is a volleyball game, which will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 4, at 7 p.m. Before the game, the SGA will sponsor a tailgate and pep rally to excite fans and athletes, in hopes of coming out with a win.

The SGA will also have “half-time challenges” in between games. Upstate Challenge t-shirts will be sold at the tailgate for $5.

Since there are only five more Upstate Challenge home games left this year, the SGA encourages all students to bring friends and join in the fun.

The SGA continues to encourage students to reach out with any comments, questions or suggestions, via its website at Click on the “Contact Us” button.