Cheers and Jeers – 02.13.2014

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Cheers and Jeers – 02.13.2014

Dan 'Buddah' Snyder, Cheers and Jeers Writer

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Cheer of the Week: To 100 nights

Never before have I seen so many happy people in one place. That’s the way it should be.  Yes, the seniors had a little help thanks to LSPB’s free drink ticket, but this was a night that I feel everyone enjoyed.

Personally, I’m not much of a dancer, but was excited to hear that Le Moyne chose Turning Stone to host the event. If things got weird or I wasn’t enjoying myself… boom, blackjack tables a mere foot away. So I mingled with my friends, danced (terribly) and made my way to the casino and wasted a little cash. But as I observed my surroundings, I noticed that I couldn’t see one person that wasn’t having a good time. People making fools of themselves on the dancefloor, good music, good food… I couldn’t complain about anything.

Maybe next year the seniors can ask for coach buses though. I felt like I was on an 8th grade school trip taking those yellow school buses.


Jeer of the Week: To the Broken Olympic Ring

The Olympic Games in Sochi have already been headlined by tainted water, poor living accommodations, and a threat to national security… what else could go wrong?

The opening ceremonies was a beautiful sight. Countries from around the world walked into a crowded stadium, waving their nation’s flag, and sporting some interesting attire (a shoutout to Bermuda and Germany). But what highlighted the event was a malfunction. No, not a wardrobe malfunction, but a technical breakdown. The lights overseeing the arena displayed five snowflakes which morphed into 5 rings. What resulted in the transformation process were four rings and one snowflake. Not what the Olympic Committee had in mind…

Not picking fun at Russia, because Sydney, Vancouver, and Seoul had their technical problems, but if you’re going to host the Olympic Games, make sure you light up the correct number of rings.


Cheers to the Olympics

Now I know have a cheer and a jeer on the same topic is copping out, but it’s the Olympics…so I don’t care. The winter games only happen every four years, and even though they are overshadowed by the summer games, there is still a lot to love about them.

The winter games are much more fast paced, especially since half the games are on ice. Ice skating, hockey, bobsled, luge, you name it… ice makes everything better. Who doesn’t love watching four people push a forty pound stone down a sheet of ice screaming out at each other while sweeping? Or the fact that a Jamaican bobsled team is actually competing? And not from a movie! [Cool Runnings –  if you haven’t seen it….do it!] Not to mention, as a fellow hockey enthusiast, international hockey is as competitive a sport as they come.

So forget the politics and chaos in the world. The Olympic Games in Sochi are all about the competitive spirit and bringing all countries together for a few weeks of action.


Jeers to Marcus Smart

For those of you who don’t know, Marcus Smart plays basketball for Oklahoma State University. Last Saturday, OK State matched up in Lubbock, Texas to face the Texas Tech Raiders. But it wasn’t the game that was making headlines.

Down 63-61 with 6.2 seconds left, Smart fouls a Texas Tech player and falls into the stands underneath the basket. As he gets up and begins walking back toward the court, he overhears a comment from a Texas Tech fan and quickly turns around. He walks towards the fan and pushes him in retaliation. While he is immediately restrained by security and his own players, Smart returns to the bench for the remainder of the game.

While the NCAA has not taken action against Smart, you don’t push a fan unless in self defense. Not a “smart” move if you ask me. I’m just anxious to hear what the fan said.

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