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Cheers and Jeers – 12.05.2013

Dan "Buddah" Snyder '14, Cheers and Jeers Writer

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving? I don’t know about you, but for me, it was just what the doctor ordered. The chance to go home and enjoy the spoils of being waited on hand and foot by mommy and daddy… well that’s what I did anyway. The classic Thanksgiving football game with your uncles and cousins, and stuffing your face until you can’t breathe. If you ask me, this break is just a big tease for Winter. We’re here for what… two weeks and we go home again? Gotta love the late holiday. If I didn’t say it to you already, I apologize, but Happy Belated Thanksgiving.


Cheer of the Week: Surprises for soldiers

Each and every year, thousands of times we remember the soldiers who have given their lives to provide us freedom. They sacrifice themselves to allow us to live the way we do every day and it’s time Le Moyne did their part to give back.

Noah Nelson put an event on Wednesday the 4th entitled Surprises for Soldiers. The Le Moyne community donated anything they could think of that would benefit the soldiers or remind them what they mean to us. Canned goods, eye drops, greeting cards, deodorant, ramen… sounds like a care package from Mom. These packages, though they may not seem like a lot, really go a long way in showing that we can take 5 minutes of our time to honor and help those who risk their lives to make sure we can enjoy the remainder of our own lives.

Thanks to Noah for putting on this event. I also want to take this last sentence to wish all the soldiers luck and they return home as soon as possible.


Jeer of the Week: Black Friday

Who the hell wants to wake up at 3 a.m. on Friday morning just to camp out in front of a store to buy that 40-nch plasma screen? 68 percent of the country apparently.

The day after we remind ourselves how thankful we are of the family that surrounds us and how much we don’t need material possessions, we go out and scramble for a new TV or a video game system at half off. Also, isn’t it called Black Friday for a reason? Then why are stores opening up the day of Thanksgiving at 6 p.m. rather than the normally chaotic time of 6 a.m. the next day? And not only that, but taking employees away from their families to open up on a day where family is the most important part. That’s what gets to me the most.

Hopefully next year the stores will realize that most people enjoy spending time with your family. P.S. if you get a chance, check out some Black Friday fights on YouTube if you want to feel better about yourself.


Cheers to cancelled classes

Now I know the reasoning isn’t always a positive one. But who can ever complain about their class being cancelled?

If your professor is sick or had a family emergency, obviously you’re not going to be happy about that… but you don’t have to go to class! Yay! You don’t realize how valuable that extra fifty minutes or hour and fifteen minute time slot is until it happens. And if its a Three Hour? Well your entire day is just made and you can do whatever you want! I didn’t go to my final class last tuesday to beat the snow to go home and when I got the email from my professor(on the road) that she cancelled, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.


Jeers to Subtweeters

We’ve all done it, I’ve just reached the point where it pisses me off now. You get in a fight or break up with someone and look at Twitter and see something like, “Oh he’s gonna wish he never did that.” Am I close?

What ever happened to walking up to someone and saying something to their face. I have no problems with pouring your emotions over social media. Sometimes that’s the only thing that will listen. But when you start a full-fledged war with someone and it becomes a bother, take it outside. I’ve seen too much of it over the last few weeks and not calling anyone out in particular, but we’re in college. I know we live in a heavy technology based society, but it’s a lot less mysterious and more often than not, much easier to talk it out with someone instead of hiding behind a computer screen.

Don’t think this is limited to Twitter either. Facebook is guilty too. It’s all over Social Media. Dolphins, we’re in college… throw the High School Drama out the window.

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Cheers and Jeers – 12.05.2013