Commuter Column: Halfway There!

Nicholle Capria, Staff Writer

Hello commuters!

Some of you might be shocked to know that students have already been in school for a month! Time seems to fly by with midterms coming up these next few weeks, which means that we have almost reached the halfway mark in the semester. Students have been busy and stressed the last few weeks as the work kicks up a notch, and a lot of residents are getting sick. Commuters, you have less of a chance to catch the illnesses spread by the dorms. Whether you are a commuter or resident, make sure to not burn yourself out in the next few months and you will have less of a chance of getting sick.

Recently, Le Moyne had the opportunity to welcome Waka Flaka Flame to a concert in the AC. Le Moyne hosted the major headliner on Friday, September 13. The students enjoyed dancing to Flame’s music, but Flame’s personable style with his audience made the night a success. Furthermore, Le Moyne held its annual Fall Career Fair on September 26. The Career Fair is not only an important event to attend for your future career, but an important networking event for commuters. If you plan to stay in Syracuse, you should make connections with local companies and employers to seek out potential job opportunities after graduation. Another way to do this is through Le Moyne’s website Handshake. Through Handshake, you can search for job and internship opportunities based on major, interest, and geographical location. You can also make a personal profile on Handshake that includes your experience and resume.

Le Moyne has also recently finished some construction projects around campus. This summer, they added a quad in the center of campus and cut down on the parking lots in front of Grewen Hall to provide more green space and pathways for students. Students can now take more pathways to their classes and enjoy more space for outdoor activities. This space can benefit commuters as an additional spot on campus in between classes.  But an arguably bigger renovation that took place over the summer is the refurbished Grewen Auditorium. The inside of the auditorium has been completely renovated and has recently been unveiled. Some of the changes include a bigger door in the center that opens the auditorium, and the stage is now one platform instead of two.

Finally, there are several commuter events coming up in October. On Friday, October 4, the Phintoberfest will take place from 6-9 pm outside the PAC. The annual Halloween Dance is from 8-11 pm on October 25, and a commuter Halloween Party will be held on October 30 at 4:30 pm in the Corcoran Lounge.

I hope everyone is having a great semester, and I hope you all have a fantastic Fall Break!